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simms3_redux Nov 27, 2014 5:30 AM

SAN FRANCISCO | 1500-1580 Mission St. | 400 & 258 FT | 40 & 17 FLOORS
Address: 1500-1580 Mission Street parcel with frontage on 11th Street, as well.

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors has approved a plan for the City of San Francisco to buy the land (currently occupied by Goodwill of SF) and build a 463,000 SF office building that will rise 17 stories and 258 feet along 11th Street in the city's Mid-Market neighborhood.

The costs to the city are as follows:

$30,296,640 for the half of the land/Goodwill site in which the city's office tower will be constructed
$25,884,132 for predevelopment costs (design/fees/contingency already incurred by the developer, which is Related Group of California)
$270,510,181 outlined in the Construction Management Agreement for estimated costs to build (recently ballooned by 30% as construction costs in general have risen)

Total: $326,690,953

The City will relocate the Departments of Public Works, Building Inspection and Planning, and Retirement and Health Services System to this building from other locations scattered around the city. City representatives say that considering their current costs to lease, inflation/rent increases, expansion costs, relocation costs, and the costs to develop this tower, it's essentially a wash for the taxpayers, but that having these 3 agencies side by side in a convenient parked/transit-connected central location will be easier and more user friendly for taxpayers.

Timing is early 2018 for the big move, with a construction start likely in the 2nd half of 2015.

To help finance the development, the City is selling 30 Van Ness, which currently houses a couple of the departments listed above in 180,000 SF. The sale will open ANOTHER Mid-Market site up for development as it is zoned for 400 ft, but occupied by a 5 story building with a Walgreens on the ground floor. The sale is slated to occur in 2015, but will be structured with a sale-lease-back to the City through 2018.

The City is also seeking to issue $375M in mortgage revenue bonds to help finance the development.

IN ADDITION TO THE CITY'S tower, the master developer, Related California, has plans for a 565 unit apartment tower to rise up to 400 ft on the other half of the site. Average size would be 728 sf/unit, and 20% (113 units) would be affordable/below market rate. Related plans for the development to be "competitively amenitized" with doorman, fitness center, pool, terraces, rooftop access, and other amenities as dictated by market condition.

Related is paying ~$65M overall for the site, of which $30.3M is coming from the City of San Francisco for its portion of the site. The site is 2.3 acres, so the pricetag comes to $26-28M/acre depending on final price.

Other Notes

Development would include and incorporate the existing/historic Coca Cola Bottling Plant Clock Tower building.

Development would include subterranean garage with 300 spaces allocated to residential and up to 150 for the city office tower.


Older massing rendering with a few other mid-market buildings/proposals:


City Plans to Pay $253 Million for Office Development

City's Budget for Mid-Market Office Building Jumps to $327 Million

First Peek at Plans for 1500 Mission Street Tower Development

Goodwill Site Under Contract

Buyers Shell Out Top Dollar for San Francisco Land Sites

slock Sep 3, 2015 5:39 PM

Came across a clearer image than I think we've seen:

a very long weekend Sep 3, 2015 7:47 PM

^ nice

viewguysf Sep 4, 2015 3:01 AM

Oh please let the completed project look like this!

a very long weekend Sep 4, 2015 6:36 AM

except that it's in the docs (so far) that the front 15 feet and facade of the coca cola bottling plant building (the streamline moderne bit on the corner of 11th) will stay. so it could be that this rendering is useful only for the residential tower rendering and not for that massing the length of mission street to 11th.

peanut gallery Oct 9, 2015 3:05 PM

^ I think you are correct. There's a plain grey rectangle depicted in the background here, which I presume is the old coca-cola plant (though they don't seem to depict the clock tower). I just noticed that you can see a bit of the office portion in this rendering. I was so enamored of the tower, I didn't really examine the rest of it.

Also, Socketsite posted a detail of the top today:

Like viewguy said, please let this come to fruition.

boyinthecity Oct 9, 2015 3:47 PM

the exterior glass looks similar to transbay block 8.
it looks great.
now how can the city screw it up and make it look like fox plaza
or the awful crown at Nema?

jbm Oct 12, 2015 12:30 AM

I am pretty sure I've read that the old clock tower is staying and will be used as the entrance to one of the buildings.

KevinFromTexas Oct 12, 2015 4:15 AM

Neat design.

1977 Oct 12, 2015 8:32 PM

One more from Related California:

slock Oct 24, 2015 7:28 PM

Here are some updated renderings and the design concepts for the office portion:

Looks like they're targeting a 11/1/16 construction commencement:

peanut gallery Oct 26, 2015 5:04 PM

Nice, thanks for the link. I grabbed a few of the renderings to post here, from that document:

I like what I see so far on both the office and the residential.

tall/awkward Nov 15, 2015 9:01 AM

peanut gallery Nov 15, 2015 6:08 PM

Great find! The renderings at that link are the most detailed I've seen yet:


viewguysf Nov 15, 2015 8:03 PM

If they would actually build this, it would be fabulous!

Pedestrian Mar 2, 2017 12:22 AM


Changes to Allow for Taller Goodwill Site Tower Slated for Approval
March 1, 2017

The public hearing at which the height and bulk limits for the proposed 550-unit apartment tower to rise on the Goodwill site at the corner of Mission and South Van Ness Avenue could be raised has been scheduled for March 23.

And if approved along with the project’s Environmental Impact Report, which is slated to be certified at the same meeting as well, the proposed 1580 Mission Street tower could rise up to 396 feet in height on the Market Street Hub District site, which is roughly 150 feet higher than is currently allowed.

The proposed development includes a 500,000-square-foot (264 ft) building for the city as well (fronting 11th St) . . . .

Pedestrian Mar 17, 2017 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by simms3_redux (Post 6822816)
To help finance the development, the City is selling 30 Van Ness, which currently houses a couple of the departments listed above in 180,000 SF. The sale will open ANOTHER Mid-Market site up for development as it is zoned for 400 ft, but occupied by a 5 story building with a Walgreens on the ground floor. The sale is slated to occur in 2015, but will be structured with a sale-lease-back to the City through 2018.


Sale of Mid-Market Tower Site Tentatively Approved
March 17, 2017
30 Van Ness Avenue

Rejected by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors at the end of 2015, when the proposed purchase price was $80 million, the term sheet for the sale of the City’s five-story building at 30 Van Ness Avenue, a building which sits upon a prominent parcel which is currently zoned for development up to 400 feet in height, has been tentatively approved by the Board’s Budget and Finance Committee with a contract price of $70 million.

While $10 million less than previously proposed by Related California, Lendlease Development has agreed to offer 25 percent of the future 30 Van Ness units at below market rates versus 15 percent under the terms of the 2015-era deal, but with higher income limits for the additional 10 percent . . . .

San Francisco’s current Board of Supervisors are slated to vote on the sale next week.

Pedestrian Apr 14, 2017 11:15 PM


Towers Could Soon Rise At 1500 Mission St.
March 14, 2017 Julie Littman, Bay Area, Bisnow

A significant redevelopment of a site at 1500 Mission St. is close to moving forward. San Francisco Planning Commission will consider Related California’s proposal to redevelop the site on March 23. The plan would be part of a much larger vision by the city to develop the Market and Van Ness corridor, now known as The Hub, into a cluster of towers and upwards of 7,280 housing units, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Related's proposed project on 2.5 acres includes the development of a 39-story apartment tower at the site of a Goodwill store and a 16-story office for city employees at the north and east sides of the site. The residential tower would include ground-floor retail facing a walkway in between the two buildings. The office tower would include meeting rooms and an art gallery. The project would retain a 40-foot-deep portion of an old bottling plant's facade and restore a streamlined clock tower. The project is designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Among the interesting design aspects will be a canopy of overlapping metal triangles extending as much as 20 feet off the edge of the building to keep the winds coming in from the ocean at bay . . . .

Read more at:

minesweeper Jul 1, 2017 6:04 PM

This project should break ground this summer. They've filed the permits for demolition and construction (but they haven't been issued yet).

Also, according to the EIR approved in March, the residential tower will reach 416 feet, and the office tower 257 feet:


The Project proposes to demolish the existing 1580 Mission Street building,
to retain and rehabilitate a portion of the existing 1500 Mission Street building, and to demolish
the remaining portions on the 1500 Mission building and construct a mixed-use development
with two components: an approximately 767,200-square-foot, 396-foot-tall (416 feet to the top of
the parapet) residential and retail/restaurant building at the corner of South Van Ness Avenue
and Mission Street (“Retail/Residential Building”); and an approximately 567,300-square-foot,
227-foot-tall (257 feet to the top of the parapet) office and permit center building for the City and
County of San Francisco (“City”) on 11th Street between Market and Mission Streets (“Office
Building”) with a mid-rise extending west to South Van Ness Avenue.

minesweeper Aug 2, 2017 10:28 PM

Another step closer:


Goodwill Flagship At Van Ness & Mission To Close August 12th

San Francisco's flagship Goodwill Store at 1580 Mission St. (and Van Ness) will officially close its doors on August 12th.

Tony Louie, Goodwill's executive assistant for San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties, confirmed the date.

Earlier this year, Goodwill announced the closure after the property was sold to developer Related California in 2014. The nonprofit opened a new store and headquarters at 295 Bay St. in North Beach in January.

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