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summersm343 Sep 25, 2015 1:23 AM

CAMDEN, NJ | Camden Waterfront Tower | 285 FT | 18 FLOORS

Title: Camden Waterfront Tower
Project: office space, retail
Architect: Robert A.M. Stern
Developer: Liberty Property Trust
Location: Cooper St. and Riverside Dr., Camden, NJ
Floors: 18 floors
Height: 285 ft


Liberty Property Trust plans to construct a $1 billion “iconic skyline” along the Delaware River in Camden, N.J., that aims to become an integral component to the struggling city’s revitalization.

While the Malvern, Pa., real estate investment trust has owned office and industrial buildings in South Jersey, it has never invested in the city of Camden.

The conversations resulted in Liberty signing an agreement to acquire 16 waterfront acres from Steiner + Associates, which had long owned the land and had plans to develop it but never did.

Liberty then enlisted Robert A. M. Stern Architects to come up with a master plan for a mixed-use community that involves constructing up to 1.7 million square feet of office space in four to five buildings, four parking garages, a hotel with 120 to 140 rooms, and 325 apartments.

Dranoff Properties of Philadelphia has been retained to do the multifamily component. Retail and restaurants will also be part of the development as well as enhancing green spaces along the river. As Liberty (NYSE: LPT) has done at the Navy Yard, it will identify a hotel operator but retain design control over the structure so it fits within the overall scheme.

Construction could begin soon on parts of the plan. Liberty would like to break ground during the third quarter of next year and anticipates build out to take the next four to five years.

Gattuso said he is already in both early and advanced discussions with tenants that would fill the entire 1.7 million square feet of office space that is planned. This comes as companies continue to recognize they need to be located in environments and physical structures that can attract and retain high-caliber talent, especially as Baby Boomers retire and firms need to re-populate their workforce, Gattuso said. This is what Liberty intends to provide in Camden as it has done elsewhere.

McBane Sep 25, 2015 2:26 AM

The tallest building east of Broad is in.......Camden?

I saw lots of guesses as to the height. Where did these figures come from? Some of the guesses were taller - and who doesn't want taller - but these are very respectable heights for Philadelphia. And obviously huge for Camden.

Eigenwelt Sep 25, 2015 2:31 AM

This gives me goosebumps. A couple years ago after a Riversharks game I sketched a quick pie-in-the-sky best case scenario of how I though these parking lots would be best developed. This is almost exactly what I sketched out. Switch the heights on the towers and integrate the bridge-ward tower into its low-rise podium and it would be scarily accurate.

I should go look for that sketch.

Anyway, needless to say I'm super excited for this development. Any riverside development of this magnitude will draw in more river-centric development and a strong riverfront is a key part of Philly's future.

photoLith Sep 25, 2015 3:11 AM

Wow didn't see this happening anytime soon, let's hope this comes to be. The skyscraper on the pier is pretty unique.

chris08876 Sep 25, 2015 3:25 AM

Must be an error. Camden.... Not Newark??? :(

Towers will not revitalize Camden, Naloxone will.

One day Newark, one day... :fingerscrossed:

But in the spirit of being in NJ, its good news regardless. Robert A. M. Stern is great news. Fantastic architect, and his work is iconic.

summersm343 Sep 25, 2015 2:17 PM

Developer Unveils Massive Plan to Reshape the Camden Waterfront


Plokoon11 Sep 25, 2015 2:20 PM

It has to be 700 to 780 ft.

summersm343 Sep 25, 2015 2:20 PM

Project aims to transform Camden waterfront - and surprise skeptics


City leaders, South Jersey power players, and Gov. Christie on Thursday unveiled plans for a billion-dollar project that, if brought to life, would transform the Camden waterfront with glittering high-rises, offices, and restaurants.

Liberty Property Trust, the developer that spearheaded some of Philadelphia's most high-profile building projects, including the Comcast Center and the Navy Yard, has signed a deal to create a complex of offices, shops, more than 300 homes, and a 120-plus-room hotel on 16 acres just north of the Adventure Aquarium.

Once the agreement is approved by the state Economic Development Authority, which owns the land along with other state entities, the firm could break ground next fall.

The Liberty project is the latest - and largest - in a series of developments announced in Camden since passage of the Grow New Jersey act, which provides generous tax incentives through the state Economic Development Authority (EDA) to businesses that relocate to the state's poorest cities.

The program, through which more than $1 billion in tax credits have been awarded to Camden projects, has led prominent corporations to announce plans to move there, including Holtec, Lockheed Martin, and Subaru of America.

Liberty CEO William Hankowsky cited the Grow New Jersey program as the main reason for coming to Camden, saying companies that move into the new buildings would likely apply for the credits.

Property-tax abatements also are available to such projects under the law. Liberty likely would sell the properties to the companies that move in, he said.

Norcross said he would invest $50 million of his own money, and his Marlton insurance firm, Conner Strong & Buckelew, could move to Camden.

"There's momentum in the city," said Hankowsky, who said Liberty would invest between $700 million and $800 million.

Hankowsky said Liberty would develop a plan with the city to hire locally and focus on job training for city residents. The project will bring thousands of construction jobs and 4,000 permanent jobs to Camden, he said.

Next month, the EDA is to review and act on a request to allow transfer of development rights in the land from Steiner Development, which owns the aquarium and once planned to build next door. Liberty will take it over, then begin due diligence, which Hankowsky said could take six months.

Companies expected to join the project include the Archer & Greiner law firm, which has offices in Haddonfield and Philadelphia; the Cherry Hill supply-chain company NFI Industries; and the Michaels Organization, a Cherry Hill housing company that has done work in Camden.

The companies have long-standing personal and professional ties to Norcross, whose brother, U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, championed the Grow New Jersey law as a state senator.

"In order to get true believers, I had to demonstrate my commitment," George Norcross said in an interview. "And then I went to friends of mine. I went to them with a pitch, and said we should all consider investing."


summersm343 Sep 25, 2015 2:25 PM


Originally Posted by Plokoon11 (Post 7176961)
It has to be 700 to 780 ft.

It's not. They're 38 and 25 floors high.

Plokoon11 Sep 25, 2015 4:47 PM

I guess the perspective is skewing me. Also no other tall buildings to reference.

SJPhillyBoy Sep 25, 2015 7:40 PM

There are currently fantastic views of the Philadelphia skyline from the Camden Rivershark's Stadium (Campbell's Field). That will not completely be the case anymore with the new tall building being built there. This news is really great and the build out to only take the next four to five years, amazing! I am still digesting if this is a good plan for public access to the river front, but initially it looks to be.

Original Plan

Photo courtesy Robert A. M. Stern and Philly Mag.

Photo courtesy Robert A. M. Stern and Philly Mag.

The Latest Plan and Renderings:

A proposed development on Camden's Waterfront is expected to hold two office towers. (Photo: Volley for Robert A.M. Stern Architects)

Photo: Robert A.M. Stern Architects and Courier-Post

Eight-story, 180-room Hilton Garden Inn, which is expected to rise on a half-acre parking lot near Campbell's Field.

The 116,100-square-foot project would be part of a $1 billion mixed-use complex overseen by Liberty Property Trust of Malvern, Pennsylvania. That project also calls for 1.5 million square feet of office space, retail outlets and 211 homes.

American Water Headquarters will front the River:

At Camden's Subaru site, plans for a city within a city

SJPhillyBoy Sep 25, 2015 7:46 PM

Photo courtesy Robert A. M. Stern and Philly Mag.

volguus zildrohar Sep 25, 2015 7:52 PM

Tremendous news.

jrdizzy Sep 25, 2015 8:26 PM

I kind of wish they would focus on relocating bushiness to the gateway district in the City's core, and add the hotel and housing on the waterfront. Based on the parking garages in the renderings, it doesn't look like they count on many employees using Patco or the Riverline. I know how packed those streets are during concerts or Rivershark games. The gateway district at least has highway access, and could have Patco access if they add a station.

For what its worth I'm related to an NFI executive. He sounded pretty optimistic. I'll try to get him to handycap if and when they will commit to moving to this new location.

hey_suburbia Sep 28, 2015 4:45 PM

Camden NJ | Waterfront | X FT | 40+ FLOORS
Liberty Property Trust will lead development of “The Camden Waterfront,” a new approximately $1 billion development that will redefine the Camden Waterfront by creating as much as 1.7 million square feet of office space and include a hotel, retail and a residential component.

summersm343 Sep 28, 2015 4:53 PM

hey_suburbia, there was already a thread created on this. I merged your thread with the one already created and reduced the images to links since they were over-sized.

SJPhillyBoy Oct 3, 2015 12:05 PM

Do you think it would be OK to put the two proposed LPT Camden towers in the Philadelphia Diagrams section, assuming someone is willing and capable to make a diagram of them?

ethereal_reality Oct 3, 2015 2:56 PM


Originally Posted by SJPhillyBoy (Post 7177474)
Photo courtesy Robert A. M. Stern and Philly Mag.

Just for fun here's how the site looked years ago.

jamesinclair Oct 5, 2015 1:35 AM

Hope to see progress on this - and less parking

hammersklavier Oct 5, 2015 9:00 PM


Originally Posted by jamesinclair (Post 7186519)
Hope to see progress on this - and less parking

There is a lot of parking in that site plan -- all of it structured.

Unfortunately, excessive amounts of parking will almost certainly be a prerequisite for construction in Camden for some time yet. Heck, many of those Jersey City condo/apartment towers have truly absurd amounts of parking. The best we can hope for are solutions like this site's, where the parking is surrounded by low-rises, rather than the Subaru building's, which is just a straight-up suburban-style office park on the Campbell's site.

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