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njbeliever777 Nov 10, 2007 3:16 PM

NEW JERSEY | American Dream@Meadowlands (Xanadu)
This is a mega-mall being built right next to the Izod Center (Continental Airlines Arena). If anyone has any news of things that are going there or pictures. please post ;)

NYC2ATX Dec 23, 2007 1:46 AM

Hey! Any updates on this amazing mega-development?

Seat24inNJ Dec 25, 2007 2:45 AM

The only updates are this monstrosity is getting bigger everyday. You cant even see the Meadowlands arena from route 3 anymore.

njbeliever777 Dec 26, 2007 10:43 PM

if anyone has any pictures, please post :)

and yeah it is getting bigger and bigger everyday

Lecom Jan 3, 2008 11:09 PM

They're applying cladding to the finished ski ramp structure and the surrounding garages and complex building. So far the cladding looks quite ugly.

njbeliever777 Jan 9, 2008 2:03 AM

not to sound stupid. but wahts cladding?

Crawford Jan 9, 2008 3:59 AM

This will be the most expensive mall on earth (in terms of construction costs). It will be the third largest mall on earth after one in Dubai and one in Canada.

Given that it is just a few miles west of Manhattan and has great highway and rail access to the world's second largest consumer market (after Tokyo), I think it would be shocking if it were not a big success.

njbeliever777 Jan 10, 2008 11:56 PM

oh yeah theres no doubt this is going to be successfull. i just hope it doesnt become dumpy as the highly hyped Jersey Gardens malls has became. That mall was supposed to be the "greatest thing ever" when it was built some years ago but nows its gone trashy. i hope it doesnt happen to this mall

Scruffy Jan 18, 2008 8:47 AM

cladding = the outer layer of materials. The last exterior design touch

njbeliever777 Jan 19, 2008 3:04 AM

oh is that like the blue and white stuff right

NYguy Mar 6, 2008 8:31 PM

Corzine Spoils Manhattan View for New Jersey With Ferris Wheel

The proposed Pepsi Globe, a 287-foot Ferris wheel, is shown at the Xanadu sports and entertainment complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in this undated artist's rendering. Residents of Bergen County, New Jersey, who view the Manhattan skyline from their homes soon may be looking at the giant Ferris wheel instead.

By Terrence Dopp
March 6 (Bloomberg)

Don't expect residents of Bergen County, New Jersey, to be first in line for a ride on the Ferris wheel going up in their backyards, the tallest in the U.S.

Neighbors complain that the project will obstruct their view of Manhattan's skyline across the Hudson River, hurting property values. Lane Biviano, Rutherford borough's attorney, is mustering public opposition to the Ferris wheel on a Web site listing beefs about its safety and aesthetics.

The ride will tower 287 feet (87 meters), eclipsing Dallas's 212-foot Texas Star. It's part of the $2 billion Xanadu sports and entertainment complex being built next to the Meadowlands racetrack, a project Governor Jon Corzine backs as a way to stimulate the state's economy.

"We don't want our town to be associated with some honky- tonk Ferris wheel,'' said East Rutherford Mayor James Cassella, whose community includes the Xanadu site. "There's a concern about our image.''

Construction of the Ferris wheel is scheduled to start in midsummer, said Xanadu spokesman Rich Edmonds. It will be ready to open with the rest of Xanadu in November, said Lloyd Kaplan, a spokesman for Meadowlands Development.

"I'm sure there were people who didn't like the Eiffel Tower being built because they felt it would impede their view,'' Kaplan said. ``You can't please everybody. We believe this will be of enormous beauty.''

The ride will be called the Pepsi Globe under a 10-year naming-rights agreement with Purchase, New York-based PepsiCo Inc. The wheel's 26 glass-enclosed, climate-controlled capsules will hold as many as 20 people each for 25-minute rides affording views of New York City and the Hudson. Ticket prices haven't been set, Edmonds said.

New Landmark

Ferris wheels are named after George Ferris, an engineer who designed the first one for the 1893 world's fair in Chicago. New Jersey's ride will become as recognizable as the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Seattle Space Needle or the London Eye, another Ferris wheel, PepsiCo said in a statement announcing its sponsorship.

The wheel's high profile is just one concern of East Rutherford's Cassella. It will sit within 100 feet of the New Jersey Turnpike, one of the busiest highways in the U.S., and Cassella said it may distract drivers.

"People will take their eyes off the road,'' Cassella said. ``Your natural instinct will be to look at it. There will be a safety issue.''

Pollution, Police, Noise

Rutherford Mayor John Hipp said he hasn't heard one person in his community of 18,000 voice support for the ride. Hipp said he will lose the view of Manhattan from his front porch and Xanadu will increase pollution, use too much electricity and strain local services such as police.

Residents also say the Ferris wheel will generate too much noise, endanger planes using nearby Teterboro Airport and create an eyesore with its huge Pepsi logo, according to Biviano's Web site.

"Doesn't taste count for anything?'' Biviano said. His trumpets the Star-Ledger newspaper's report that state Senate President Richard Codey called Xanadu "yucky-looking.''

Lilo Stainton, a spokeswoman for Corzine, referred calls about the Ferris wheel to Dennis Robinson, head of the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority. He said Xanadu is providing hundreds of construction jobs and will create 12,500 permanent positions and millions of dollars in tax revenue.

"There is more economic development activity taking place at the sports complex than anywhere else in the state,'' Robinson said. He cited $1.3 billion being spent on a new stadium for the New York Giants and $185 million to link the Meadowlands to the state's mass transit system.

Skiing, Bowling

Plans also call for a 780-foot indoor ski slope with man- made snow, a martini bar with bowling alleys, a skydiving simulation, shops, restaurants and an 18-screen movie theater.

The company hasn't submitted a design to obtain a construction permit for the Ferris wheel, said Chris Donnelly, spokesman for the state Department of Community Affairs, which regulates amusement rides. Meadowlands Development partners include Colony Capital LLC, a Los Angeles-based real-estate company led by billionaire Thomas Barrack; KanAm, a German real- estate firm; and New York-based Dune Capital Management LP's real estate fund.

Corzine's administration participated in several meetings when Colony Capital Acquisitions LLC was negotiating to purchase Mills Corp.'s Xanadu stake in November 2006, after Mills ran out of money for the project, said Jim Gardner, a spokesman for the governor.

The Ferris wheel will play a central role in Xanadu's success, generating interest and luring families, Robinson said.

Biviano is sticking with his view: The wheel is "structural graffiti.''

Dac150 Mar 6, 2008 8:46 PM

So this will be the largest mall in the United States, beating out the Mall of America? It looks horrible in person, especially driving down the NJ Turnpike. Very gaudy presentation to say the least.

Seat24inNJ Mar 7, 2008 5:25 PM


Originally Posted by Dac150 (Post 3399398)
So this will be the largest mall in the United States, beating out the Mall of America? It looks horrible in person, especially driving down the NJ Turnpike. Very gaudy presentation to say the least.

Uhhh its not close to being done yet. Another year and a half of construction will make anything look like shit.

Seat24inNJ Mar 7, 2008 5:41 PM

It will undoubtedly be a very big tourist attraction in North Jersey and New York. I hear they are putting a mega 20-screen movie theatre in there so I kind of feel bad for all the movie theatres in the area.

njbeliever777 Mar 7, 2008 8:57 PM

eh i dont know if i like that ferris wheel. we will see what happens in the future. and i dont agree with your comment on its current looks. one its not done and 2 there are construction materials absolutely everywhere in that complex. hopefully it all looks good though cause im scared that people arent going to want to live around there anymore. seeing especially that they are building new homes as seen above

Thundertubs Mar 9, 2008 6:40 AM

As a Bergen County native, I LOATHE this development. We already have malls coming out our ears. The last thing we need is more of this crap.
This monstrosity is being dropped on the doorstep of Bergen County, and no one wants it except the developers.
That awful pepsi wheel is from a galaxy of tackieness that my Jersey ass can't even fathom. I don't even think the most shameless Nevada tourist trap would want a giant glowing pepsi logo in thier town.
:yuck: ptooey!

Lecom Mar 9, 2008 7:27 PM

Good wheel design - Great Dubai wheel

Can we in the US seriously not come up with anything better than this?

It's sad when, of all places, Dubai is teaching us a lesson in classy developments.

NYC2ATX Mar 10, 2008 9:53 AM


Originally Posted by Lecom (Post 3404803)
Good wheel design - Great Dubai wheel

Can we in the US seriously not come up with anything better than this?

It's sad when, of all places, Dubai is teaching us a lesson in classy developments.

A- That Dubai Ferris Wheel is just as bad, if not even more hideous, than this Pepsi wheel. I mean, it looks like an homage to the cavemen who invented the wheel however many thousands of years ago.

B- While I don't think a Ferris Wheel will either contribute to or detract from this development, I think our consumer culture has gotten just about too out of control when we are erecting 287-foot PERMANENT Pepsi advertisements. :yuck:

njbeliever777 Mar 10, 2008 7:23 PM

i agree with you. they are both ugly. and yes its even more hideous with that pepsi sign. it doesnt need it. its only there cause this project needs more money to be completed. making it look more tacky. i really hope it comes out well

Dac150 Mar 10, 2008 8:58 PM


Originally Posted by Seat24inNJ (Post 3401161)
Uhhh its not close to being done yet. Another year and a half of construction will make anything look like shit.

Uhhh have you seen that facade? No matter what stage it is in construction, the facade that is completed shows that it will look like 'shit'.....:rolleyes:

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