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deja vu Dec 6, 2020 11:33 PM

From a farmer's market to shuffleboard...


Lansing City Council approves redevelopment of former city market
November 30, 2020

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Lansing City Council approved both the project plan and lease agreements for the Lansing Shuffleboard & Social Club and the proposed redevelopment at the former City Market building. Detroit Rising Development (DRD) plans to transform the site into the Lansing Shuffleboard & Social Club, a hub housing food, drink, games, community classes and entertainment. Detroit Rising Development plans to lease the building, complete improvements to the existing space and add a second-floor mezzanine. All improvements to the site and the building will be financed by DRD...

deja vu Dec 13, 2020 11:39 PM

This is an interesting little building and it's a shame it can't be saved (or can it?). Originally built as an Arby's in the 1950's, it become home to the first Biggby Coffee (then Beaners) in 1995. A new Biggby opened in the adjacent development recently.


Parking lot to replace iconic East Lansing building
Biggby’s departure paves way for ‘concrete slab’
Berl Schwartz | Lansing City Pulse
December 3, 2020

deja vu Dec 26, 2020 5:39 PM

East Lansing is nearing the completion of its Avenue Form District. You can view the public draft here. This is a proposed Form Based Code that will be aligned along Grand River Ave. from East Lansing's eastern edge all the way to its western border with Lansing. Where it overlaps the existing East Village FBC the new Avenue Form District will supersede it. But it will not supersede the existing 160 ft. height overlay for East Lansing's downtown core.

East Lansing also passed some updates to its existing code last week. In a nutshell, it simplified the maximum height regulations and added some special use requirements to allow parking reductions. It also removed some special-use permit requirements for any businesses selling alcohol consumed off premise where the sales take up less than 25% of the floor area.

In other news,


Lansing Housing Commission to break ground on nearly $29 million in low-income housing improvements
Sarah Lehr and Christian Martinez | Lansing State Journal
December 17, 2020

LANSING – Lansing's public housing authority is breaking ground this month on nearly $29 million in improvements at low-income housing. Upgrades are set to be completed over the next 15 to 18 months at Mount Vernon Park and South Washington Park, two housing complexes spanning 327 units...
This remodel work will include new roofs, new flooring, masonry repair, new security cameras, fire safety & HVAC upgrades, and new appliances. It is being funded through Lansing Payment in Lieu of Taxes, MSHDA tax credits, and HUD's RAD program. The article also mentions that the Commission intends o update the its other properties in the future, including LaRoy Froh Townhouses, Hildebrandt Park Apartments, and the Oliver Gardens Apartments.

Mount Vernon Park is off of N. Grand River Ave. near the airport. South Washington Park is oriented along S. Washington Ave. near McLaren Greater Lansing. Interestingly, both complexes will receive new names, and one will transition to all-senior housing -


Mount Vernon Park, located on Waverly Road, will become Waverly Place. South Washington Park will eventually become seniors-only housing known as Capital City Senior Apartments. Non-seniors will be not be kicked out of South Washington; rather, the LHC plans to make the transition through attrition...
I'm not local so I don't know, but I'm guessing that like many public housing communities, the current names have negative connotations, hence the proposed name changes?

deja vu Dec 26, 2020 11:29 PM

Just a few other miscellaneous, news-y things I picked up -

1. After delays due to COVID-19 & other construction, Jolly Pumpkin Café & Brewery is now open in the Center City District.


Michigan brewpub chain opens East Lansing location
Skyler Ashley | Lansing City Pulse
December 17, 2020

2. After suffering delays from construction and the pandemic, Jolly Pumpkin Café & Brewery has finally found some footing in East Lansing. It’s another part of the Center City District project to come to fruition, along with Target and Barrio Tacos...
Renovations and repairs are complete along the Lansing River Trail -


Schor announces completion of restoration projects along the Lansing River Trail
Alyssa Plotts and Krystle Holleman | WILX 10
December 17, 2020

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Thursday Lansing Mayor Andy Schor joined by City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Director Brett Kaschinske, Ingham County Board of Commissioners Chair Bryan Crenshaw, and Ingham County Parks Commissioner Cherry Hamrick, cut the ribbon for repairs completed on the Lansing River Trail. Throughout 2020, the Lansing River Trail has undergone several important renovations. The repairs unveiled today are near Washington Avenue, between Hazel Street and Malcolm X Street...

deja vu Jan 1, 2021 3:49 PM

Here is a really neat article about the ongoing improvements at the State Capitol Complex, in particular, the new geothermal system, which will go online later this year -


State Capitol’s boiler room steps into the 21st century
David Poulson | Capital News Service (via The Detroit News)
December 27, 2020

Lansing — An obscure door tucked beneath one of the massive stone staircases outside of Michigan’s Capitol opens to reveal yet another steep stairwell leading deep below the building’s south side. “Boiler Room,” say the letters carved long ago into the stone above. It is here where 14-foot boilers 5-feet in diameter were installed during the building’s construction to minimize their threat. “The idea was that if the boilers blew accidentally, they would take the steps up but not the whole Capitol,” said Matt Van Acker, the director of tour, education and information services at the Capitol...
The Original Boiler Room -
\New pumps that are part of the geothermal heating & cooling system -

AN original drawing of one of the boilers -

Rob Blackshaw (director of operations of the Michigan State Capitol Commission) examining one of the many geothermal wells -

deja vu Jan 8, 2021 3:54 PM

I was bummed when I saw this headline. But reading the article, it doesn't seem like an issue that can't be resolved, and hopefully quickly -


MSU Federal Credit Union’s East Lansing Project to be put on hold
Jace Harper | News 10 WILX
January 5, 2021

deja vu Feb 11, 2021 8:11 PM

Some Lansing / East Lansing Catch-Up, in reverse-chronological order:

Downtown Lansing, Courtyard Marriott Hotel opens today, 02/11/21 -
Source: Twitter | @GillespieGrp (Gillespie Group) - edited

North Grand Parking Ramp in downtown Lansing has a new art mural by Bruce Mackley, photographed 02/02/21 -
Source: Twitter | @LCCPresident (Steve Robinson)

02/02/21 - 60 wind turbines are being planned for in Southeast Ingham County by Apex Clean Energy. This could potentially impact 5 rural townships. Each turbine would be 650 ft. high, and combined, they could produce up to 300MW.


People weigh in on proposed wind farm in Leroy Twp
Brittany Flowers | WLNS
February 02, 2021
This is quite preliminary still, but could be an economic generator in the area. You can view the project presentation here -
Source: WLNS | Courtesy Apex Clean Energy

01/30/21 - East Lansing's The Abbot is getting a Dunkin' and Walgreens -
Source: East Lansing Info

01/29/21 - The Graduate Hotel is nearing completion and will open this Spring -
Source: East Lansing Info

Demolition of Lansing Community College's (LCC's) Gannon Parking Ramp began on January 04, 2021. The plan is to take down the current structure and then erect a new structure on the same site, for a net increase of about 700 - 800 parking spaces. Construction completion is estimated for August 2022 (which seems to me like a long while for a parking deck, even with demolition activities and potential COVID-19 delays considered) -


LCC parking project starts with Gannon ramp demolition
Mark Johnson | Lansing State Journal
January 15, 2021
Source: Nick King | Lansing State Journal

Here's two renderings of the Montgomery Drain / Ramney Park project. It's a pretty cool, fairly massive, ongoing project by the County Drain Commissioner to improve stormwater mitigation in neighborhoods along the Red Cedar River in East Lansing. It involves daylighting the Montgomery Drain and bringing various forms of green infrastructure to the Ramney Park site. It will restore natural habitats and clean up the pollution in the Red Cedar River -
Source: Wade Trim

An early-morning photo of McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital from last month (01/06/21) -
Source: McLaren Greater Lansing

University Edge at MSU is set to open this Fall. Older photos from November 05 and 12, 2020, via their Facebook page -
Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU
Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU
Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU
Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU
Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU
Source: Facebook | University Edge at MSU

deja vu Feb 13, 2021 2:25 PM

Construction has started on MCC's Temple Building project on E. Cesar Chavez Ave. in Old Town Lansing. Interior demolition wrapped up last month. This rehabilitation project will provide 31 apartments, 3,000 SF of office space, and a 960 SF commercial suite. It will also be the new HQ for MCC, which has been gathering lots of momentum with recent rehab projects and new builds around the state -


Construction starts on historic Temple Building in Old Town
Kaisha Young | Fox 47 News
January 29, 2021
Video Link
Source: LinkedIn | MCC
Source: LinkedIn | MCC

deja vu Mar 6, 2021 4:20 PM

Lansing -

Some more Temple Building photos. Interior CMU block walls are starting to go in, and you can make out an obvious elevator shaft in some of the views - this is such a cool project -

Source: LinkedIn | MCC

deja vu Mar 15, 2021 8:53 PM

Delta Township -

Phase 1 of Delta Crossings is on track to open this Fall - mostly big box stores and a Texas Roadhouse. The full, 10-year build-out plan includes restaurants, shops, apartments, single family homes, and hotels. It's a big investment. Sadly, nothing too exciting, architecturally -

Rizzo Mar 19, 2021 4:40 AM

Those renovation photos are crazy.

deja vu Mar 23, 2021 2:35 AM


Originally Posted by Rizzo (Post 9222737)
Those renovation photos are crazy.

This is one of the more interesting things happening in the state right now, in terms of historic rehab work. A few more, from yesterday - the internal steel framing has begun -
Source: LinkedIn | MCC

deja vu Apr 8, 2021 8:09 PM

McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital progress -
Source: LinkedIn | Knight Transfer Services

deja vu Apr 9, 2021 1:09 PM

East Lansing -

The Graduate is wrapping up -
Source: LinkedIn | Knight Transfer Services

deja vu May 2, 2021 12:05 PM

Lansing -

Concrete pour at the Temple Building -
Source: LinkedIn | MCC

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