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Illithid Dude Nov 14, 2011 5:25 AM

Can someone post pictures of downtown circa 1890? Thanks. It astounds me that Downtown today has not one resemblance from the downtown of 100 years ago.

3940dxer Nov 14, 2011 6:11 AM

gsjansen, thanks for your reply. The annotated panoramic view is great, very interesting.

Here are a couple photos of the United portion of United/Western. United was actually Bill Putnam's first studio acquisition in Hollywood and plenty of huge hits were recorded there too, many personally engineered by Mr. Putnam (Sinatra, Ray Charles, Bing Crosby...).

During my time in the 70's I was a technical assistant on a Michael Jackson album at 6050. He was very kind to everyone and I recall him walking down Sunset to Arby's Roast Beef, to buy sandwiches for everyone.

In the 30's, way before Bill Putnam came along, 6050 as Horsley Studios. Horsley and Christie were two or the earliest film studios in Hollywood. Here is a photo of Horsley (from me) and a modern street view from Google. 6050 is now Ocean Way, a very busy and prestigious recording facility.

GaylordWilshire Nov 14, 2011 1:20 PM

How much you want to bet that "Prof. von Lange of Vienna, Austria" was a recent arrival from Altoona? Street View

gsjansen Nov 14, 2011 5:42 PM

a great little student film done prior to angels flight closing in 1969. great images of the area and the bradbury building.

the site indicates that the film was done in 1970, however, that is impossible, as angels flight was long gone by mid year 1969.


Fab Fifties Fan Nov 14, 2011 6:53 PM


How much you want to bet that "Prof. von Lange of Vienna, Austria" was a recent arrival from Altoona?

Wonder where the esteemed professor found his "high grade Medical Men and competent operators", Bakersfield?

and exactly what is Blood Washing? A little shot of White King in the old veins??? :yuck:

~Jon Paul

Handsome Stranger Nov 14, 2011 7:22 PM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 5479105)
below: A tourist snapshot showing banners over Vine Street near the NBC Radio Studios.

That's a great photo, but with CBS Columbia Square lurking in the background, the banners would have to be over Sunset Blvd. with the camera looking east. And that makes it even more interesting to me, because it's a point of view of Sunset and Vine that rarely crops up in vintage photos.

In the 1953 color photo of Vine I was intrigued by the Coffee Dan's sign at the far right and have been looking for more photos of the restaurant itself. Not much luck yet.
[source: eBay]

This one has been marked as being in Los Angeles, but I have no clue which location it might be. Still...great atmosphere!
[source: Stuttgarter Zeitung]

GaylordWilshire Nov 14, 2011 10:10 PM

FredH Nov 14, 2011 11:39 PM

Los Angeles Times

Story here:


Looks like in today's world, the locomotive would have been hanging out over the 101 freeway. Really scary!
Google Maps

ethereal_reality Nov 15, 2011 2:08 AM

:previous: very frightening!


Originally Posted by FredH (Post 5479227)
ethereal_reality, I really enjoyed your series of banner photos.

Question: Do you know the significance of these banners?

They have the same basic shape and a lot of similar colors, and they appear in several of the pictures, but what the heck to they stand for? Are they just colorful banners?

Your guess is as good as mine FredH.
Initially I thought the banners had something to do with WWII......the colors and shapes remind me of military rank stripes.
I was hoping someone on the thread might know the answer.


That is such a beautiful black and white photo of the Coffee Dan's. Thanks for posting it Handsome Stranger.

ethereal_reality Nov 15, 2011 2:26 AM

Looking north on Spring Street from 8th.
usc digital archive

ethereal_reality Nov 15, 2011 2:35 AM

Police Chief William Parker with Wayne Roberts whose panther escaped and is roaming the streets of Los Angeles, circa 1954.
usc digital archive
usc digital archive

below: Meat-On-A-Stick and a rope......poor Wayne.
usc digital archive

I would say this was a publicity stunt if the year had been 1942 instead of 1954.
Val Lewton's Cat People 1942

Click on the link to see one of the spookiest scenes in film noir.


3940dxer Nov 15, 2011 4:48 AM

Does anyone have any info or photos about the very old Hollywood building at 1518 (or 1520) Cahuenga? It's near the northeast corner of Cahuenga and Sunset. I have a little personal experience with this building, and suspect that this is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Hollywood. I was told that it dates back to about 1880, which is hard to believe, but I really have no idea.

In the mid 1980's this building housed a small recording studio called Bijou, that had me in at times to do tech work. The studio was on the left (the north side) at street level and was done in nautical decor. There was a lounge and hang out spaces upstairs. I'm straining here to remember more about the building, but I believe that behind the studio was the "remains" of an auto repair place, maybe with a wood or dirt floor in some areas.

The front of the building was very striking, with a lot of elaborate architectural details and a what looked like a marquee. It looked very old, as do many buildings on Cahuenga and Wilcox, between Sunset and Franklin.

The south wall is exposed brick and faces a the south east corner of Cahuenga and Sunset. In the 80's it was painted with "Hollywood Multigraphic Service" (not visible now). The sign faced a Texaco station, now a Jack In The Box. Across the street was the famous show biz hangout Martonis (now gone), and Chan Dara, a popular Thai restaurant.

I have a friend with a space in this building and I called him today. He said that during recent renovations, the owner went to the city and saw old documentation which showed that the place was built in 1880 and was originally a granary, later a Chinese laundry and a theater. And apparently, a print shop too.

The address is either 1520 or 1518. The address in my records was 1520 but (oddly) that address is now used by the building to the north, which recently got a big renovation.

There are some glimpses of this building on in the Cahuenga section, but no clear old images.

Cahuenga was an important street in Hollywood. It led to the Cahuenga Pass and the San Fernando Valley, to the northwest.

Anyhoo - does anyone have an old photo, or any further info on this neat old building? I'd love to learn more about it.

Modern view, shot today by me:

sopas ej Nov 15, 2011 6:25 AM


Originally Posted by 3940dxer (Post 5478855)
Nope, 6000 Sunset was not part of Sunset Gower Studios - but this building has a very unique and interesting history!

Between the 1960's and the 1980's, this was the "Western" part of United/Western Studios (United was down the street, at 6050.) The studios were built by Bill Putnam and were the home to many, many famous recordings. I know all about this building, because I worked there from 1977 to 1981.

What was recorded at Western? Many (if not most) of the hits by the Beach Boys, The Mamas And Papas, Jan & Dean, Johnny Rivers, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rick Nelson, Ray Charles, and many many more. Along with Capital, A&M, and Radio Recorders, this was one of the most famous of the "old Hollywood" sound studios. Hundreds and hundreds of hits were recorded there.

I personally was in the control room of Studio 1 (behind the center produce section!) when Mr. Sinatra recorded "New York, New York". In that building I also worked on sessions with Santana, Jonathan Winters, Abba, Ringo Starr, Dolly Parton, Joe Cocker, The Beach Boys, Herbie Hancock, Barbra Streisand, and dozens more. Needless to say it was a very exciting time in my life!

We had always heard that the building had once been a grocery store and at least two of the echo chambers resembled meat lockers or refrigerated rooms. Now I know that it was true!

I have much info about United/Western on my own web site, at

In the 1980's United/Western was sold and became Ocean Way Recording. The 6050 Building is Still Ocean Way but 6000 changed hands again, and then fell into disrepair about 10 years ago. The facility came close to being demolished but was sold at auction to EastWest Studios, and has undergone an incredible multi million dollar renovation - design by Philippe Starck. Despite the plain facade, this new facility is one of the finest and most visually stunning studios in the world.

I did quite a double take, seeing the old photo from the 1930's! sopas_ej, thank you so much for posting it.

Now, it was also said that 6000 Sunset was a movie or stage theater in the 40's or 50's. Does anyone have a photo, or info about that incarnation of this famous building?

Thanks for the history of 6000 Sunset Blvd.! A very illustrious building indeed. I had just assumed that it became part of Sunset Gower Studios. I do remember when this building was in abandoned-looking disrepair, I was afraid that it would be demolished. I'm glad it still exists and is now again a recording studio. :)

GaylordWilshire Nov 15, 2011 6:31 PM

FredH Nov 15, 2011 11:49 PM

ethereal_reality - I have looked at the meat-on-a-stick photo of Wayne Roberts about ten times and laughed every time. I can just imagine him roaming the streets of Los Angeles with that gear.

GaylordWilshire Nov 16, 2011 1:04 AM

The Lay of the Land: St. James Park, installment #2

ethereal_reality Nov 16, 2011 1:10 AM

I FINALLY found an Angels Flight photo that I don't remember seeing before. (this is a detail of a stereoview)

What in the world is going on in the right side of the photo? It looks like they're modernizing the building, but to me the new first floor facade looks way too modern for this time period (it resembles the Seagram Building circa 1958).

below: the reverse side.

gsjansen Nov 16, 2011 3:07 PM


just some storefront construction being installed. i dtae your photo to either be 1904 or early 1905. Angels flight still runs at grade across clay street. It was elevated above clay street in 1905

the same view 1905. note the storefront in place that is being installed in your photo E_R
Source: LAPL

Fab Fifties Fan Nov 16, 2011 6:58 PM

Play Ball!!!
Interesting images of a proposed NFL stadium to be built by AEG behind the Staples Center.

Since Los Angeles does not currently have an NFL franchise this, of course, would be dependent on them acquiring one. Currently, three franchises are under consideration including our very own San Diego Chargers.

I, personally, am not much on football but I think this is quite a striking design concept.
Images Courtesy: NFL/AEG/Gensler Los Angeles

~Jon Paul

GaylordWilshire Nov 16, 2011 9:22 PM

Folded wings indeed...

As described by the LAPL: "Built in 1924 as the entrance to Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery, the
75-foot Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation is a Spanish/Mission Revival style monument and burial site
for 13 pioneers of aviation. It was dedicated in 1953 as a final resting place for pilots, mechanics and other pioneers
of flight." Here, "Spectators gather around the wreckage of a Navajo-Piper aircraft scattered at the base of the
Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation in Burbank. The twin-engine plane crashed shortly after taking off from
the Hollywood-Burbank Airport. Photograph dated July 21, 1969."

FredH Nov 16, 2011 11:41 PM

Well, if you are going to crash, I guess he picked the right spot!

FredH Nov 16, 2011 11:53 PM

Here is a really nice set of Angels Flight photos from the L.A. Times.
(keep clicking forward through the advertisements)

GaylordWilshire Nov 17, 2011 1:38 AM

sopas ej Nov 17, 2011 2:03 AM

The LA Auto Show opens this Friday. Woo hoo! I go every year.

In honor of that...

Here's a picture from 1958, actress Sandra Giles and the "You Auto Buy Now" week campaign.
USC Archive

And here's a picture of The Smiling Irishman at Western and Pico, 1952.
From electrospark's flickr

^^^I'd like a 50 dollar car, please! Here, let me go to the ATM. :-P

ethereal_reality Nov 17, 2011 2:32 AM

:previous: Sopas_ej, remember the post from several years ago about the auto show that burnt down?

sopas ej Nov 17, 2011 2:35 AM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 5483211)
:previous: Sopas_ej, remember the post from several years ago about the auto show that burnt down?

Yes I do remember that. It was to be held in tents or something, but a huge fire broke out and it was moved to the Shrine Expo Center, right?

ethereal_reality Nov 17, 2011 2:48 AM

:previous: Yes! And all the burnt cars were transferred to a junk yard across the street. Needless to say, it all seemed suspicious.


The Adohr Creamery Company at 1801 La Cienega circa Jan. 1, 1931.
This place looks enormous! Notice the sculpture near the palm tree on the right.

below: Here's an aerial of the area that used to be the Adohr Creamery.
google street view

below: Today it is the La Cienega Plaza mall. :( -Shopping Hell-
google street view


GaylordWilshire Nov 17, 2011 2:48 AM

Sopas: Love the Smiling Irishman's lot, and love that fur-covered T-bird. And the model--I am continually amazed by the style of brassieres in the fifties--how men got women to display their goods so weirdly, and then designed car bumpers the same way, up and OUT, watch out, I'm comin' through!

And so the model remined me of Dagmar, who bequeathed her name to the bumpers...
Per the LAPL: "Looking every inch a television star, Dagmar enjoys an evening at Ciro's with her husband, Dan Dayton
(left); Lorraine Cugat (second from right), estranged wife of Bandleader Xavier Cugat, and her escort, Gould Morrison.
Dagmar, who is big on TV in the east, flew out here to spend some time with her husband."

3184 W. 8th Street--it's come a long, sad way from '57 Sixty Specials, gold-lettered storefronts, and matrons in hats... Street View

ethereal_reality Nov 17, 2011 3:02 AM

:previous: Great post GaylordWilshire. lol
My Dad always said the ladies put marbles in the tips of their bras to make them extra pointy.
But what happens if you take someone home....wouldn't you end up with two marbles rolling around on the floor?


That 'before and after' is a crying shame. It hurts me to see that.
What does it say above the entryway....Haddon Hall?


sopas ej Nov 17, 2011 3:07 AM


Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire (Post 5483247)

And so the model remined me of Dagmar, who bequeathed her name to the bumpers...

Ah yes, Dagmar bumpers. When they first came out, they were all chrome, but they inflicted much damage to cars that were rear-ended by them. So on later models, GM put black rubber tips on them to minimize damage--but the rubber tips gave them a pastied look, didn't they... or it made them look like breasts with huge silver-dollar nipples.

Yeah, women wore those bullet bras in the 1950s; I don't think breasts started looking "natural" again until the 1960s.



GaylordWilshire Nov 17, 2011 1:23 PM


Originally Posted by sopas ej (Post 5483276)

Dagmars out front, Continental kits out back (named for the original Lincoln Continentals of the '40s):
Baby Jane pulling her '47 Continental into 172 S. McCadden

Back to Dagmars for a moment...pre-pasties: Cadillac's '55 version...

How come they weren't called "Janes"? and Culture

Or "Jaynes"?

Timing is everything, I guess.

gsjansen Nov 17, 2011 5:42 PM

some color images i stumbled upon from the 50's that i don't recall seeing before.

Brand Boulevard Glendale
Source: Viewliner Ltd

7th and broadway
Source: Viewliner Ltd

San Fernando Road Burbank
Source: Viewliner Ltd

ethereal_reality Nov 17, 2011 8:47 PM

Originally posted by gsjansen

below: The same view today.
google street view

GaylordWilshire Nov 17, 2011 9:08 PM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 5483261)
That 'before and after' is a crying shame. It hurts me to see that.
What does it say above the entryway....Haddon Hall?

Sorry to inflict pain, e_r. Yes, it says Haddon Hall. The view is perhaps a little less painful from this angle:
Haddon Hall was designed by S. Charles Lee, famous for his many great movie theaters in L.A. as well as the
Max Factor studio in Hollywood.

Apparently, Haddon Hall was built as an apartment hotel in 1925, and was to originally have been called,
uneuphoniously, the Oberndorf Apartments. Below are some interior shots.

Dwelling_in_LA Nov 17, 2011 10:26 PM

San Fernando Road Burbank
Source: Viewliner Ltd[/QUOTE]

Are we sure this is San Fernando in Burbank? It really reminds me of Ventura Blvd. at Laurel Canyon...

On a side note, I LOVE this forum!!!!!

sopas ej Nov 18, 2011 1:35 AM

It is indeed Burbank. I can tell by the lamp posts.

Welcome to the forums, by the way! :)

gsjansen Nov 18, 2011 1:42 AM


i've said this before...i'll say it again......

you can tell a street by it's lamp posts???!!!??

sopas ej, you are and have always been my idol........i'm not worthy!


FredH Nov 18, 2011 1:51 AM

Round up the usual suspects! :whip:

Quite a collection of mugs
Los Angeles Times

Story here:

GaylordWilshire Nov 18, 2011 1:55 AM

The lamps tell all. The LAPL describes this pic this way: "View of the principal retail shopping section of San Fernando Road, Burbank, looking southeast from San Jose Avenue on October 8, 1963."

Some big shopping center seems to on top of this intersection now; it looks like gs's pic and the LAPL shot are of the same block from different directions, at least looking at the Thrifty Drugs, Seaboard Loans, and Sav-on signs. So whatever happened to "Beautiful Downtown Burbank" anyway?

ethereal_reality Nov 18, 2011 2:58 AM

Thanks for the information on Haddon Hall GaylordWilshire. I never would have guessed it was by S. Charles Lee.

sopas ej Nov 18, 2011 3:03 AM


Ah yes, Gaylord, that shopping center is the enclosed, 3-level Burbank Town Center Mall; it used to be called the Media City Center, built in the early 1990s. Nearby is the closest IKEA to me; yeah, I've been there a number of times.

Downtown Burbank is actually quite thriving; lots of people walking about, especially on Saturday nights, being that there's many restaurants and a cinema complex there. I don't really hang out there, though.

I do occasionally like going to Burbank for the old, retro-cool, 1949-era Bob's Big Boy. It's open 24 hours and can get very crowded.

The lamp posts that you see in those older photos are no longer on San Fernando Blvd. in downtown Burbank, but they still exist on many stretches of other major thoroughfares in Burbank, albeit now with modern light fixtures.

Here's Providence St. Joseph Medical Center on South Buena Vista Street in Burbank (where John Ritter died), with the Walt Disney Studios across the street. You can see the lamp posts, though they've been painted black.
Google Street View

sopas ej Nov 18, 2011 3:56 AM

A little more Burbank.

A parade in downtown Burbank, 1952, headed down San Fernando Blvd., crossing Olive Avenue.
USC Archive

The same corner today.
Google Street View

San Fernando Blvd. has been narrowed through downtown with bulb-outs and diagonal parking.

3940dxer Nov 18, 2011 5:23 AM


Originally Posted by gsjansen (Post 4936315)
Outpost Estates is a canyon neighborhood of Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills in the central region of the City of Los Angeles, California.

It is located directly east of Runyon Canyon Park and centered around Outpost Drive. Outpost Estates is bordered by Mulholland Drive to the north, Franklin Canyon to the south, Runyon Canyon to the west and Cahuenga Boulevard to the east. Developed by Charles E. Toberman, it is one of the original 1920s Hollywood luxury residential neighborhoods in the heart of Old Hollywood. Most of the original houses have been preserved, and Lower Outpost looks much like it did in the 1920s.

The origin of the name "Outpost" derives from an early building on the site. General Harrison Grey Otis, the owner of the Los Angeles Times, acquired the estate from Don Tómas Urquidez through legal wrangling associated with California's scession to the United States. Otis converted the adobe into a clubhouse for entertaining which he called The Outpost

In the 1920s, Outpost Estates once had a sign not unlike the Hollywoodland sign (which later became the Hollywood sign). The OUTPOST sign is still there, buried in the weeds. It was one of the largest neon signs in the world. Even the original foundation and electrical junction boxes survive.

The Outpost Estates development was one of the first neighborhoods in the country to offer all-underground utilities.

A 1927 view of the sign

a 1927 closeup view of the sign

view of the sign from the Chinese Theater
Bison Archives

a recent view of the Outpost sign remains looking across towards the hollywood sign

gsjansen, seeing this post totally made my day. I always liked the Outpost area, have hiked Runyon Canyon for years, and always wondered about all that twisted metal wreckage! It makes perfect sense and I remember seeing the electrical parts. After seeing your thread I found a photo that shows the letters a little more clearly, and shot a few photos of my own. There's lots of interesting stuff in this area!

The remains of the sign seem more or less centered along the steep eastern trail that runs along a ridge that looks south towards La Brea. They are scattered near a lookout point along the trail - which may have been a dirt access road when the sign was built.

Just north and up the hill on a large, fenced and somewhat hidden lot is a triangular Frank Lloyd Wright home, the Headley-Handley house. (Built in 1947?) Nearby is an old home with horses and goats in a side area.

On another hilltop to the northwest is the weird monstrosity at 2450 Solar Drive, partially built in 1980's but never occupied. A resident told me the noirish story behind it. This "dream house" was built by a porn star and her manager (think Boogie Nights) but apparently the project was grossly mismanaged and the money ran out.. Since the house was never finished it was never approved for occupancy. Notice the boarded up windows.

Gang bangers and squatters took over, the neighbors hated it. The house is huge and has a great view, but spoils the other homeowner's views. It became an illegal party hangout and got progressively trashed, finally someone installed a caretaker, who lives in a motor home in the driveway. My wish is that the place is torn down one day. Here are some photos, from me.

It was pretty hazy this evening but if the skies were clear you'd see the buildings of Franklin, Hollywood Blvd., and Sunset, with mid Wilshire further out. It it was really clear you'd see the Palos Verdes pininsula, the Pacific and maybe Catalina Island in the distance.

To be continued...

GaylordWilshire Nov 18, 2011 1:21 PM

Pompeyuk Nov 18, 2011 4:54 PM

Hi everyone.

I'm from England, & am fascinated by historical photos, especially then & now comparisons. I've never been to LA, & probably never will, but after playing LA Noire, i was intrigued to see what the game landmarks were like today, which is how i stumbled across this thread!

Some of the buildings & places destroyed in the name of 'progress' is astonishing.

I'm actually only up to page 46, but had to jump to the end to say thanks to all the contributors for this glimpse into the past.

Right, back to 46 i go.........................................!!

so-cal-bear Nov 18, 2011 6:58 PM


FredH Nov 18, 2011 8:51 PM

The Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade
Los Angeles Times

Read the story here:

They needed Major--de Coverley to step in and put a stop to it:

(From Catch-22 by Joseph Heller)
Milo carefully said nothing when Major —— de Coverley stepped into the mess hall with his fierce and austere dignity the day he returned and found his way blocked by a wall of officers waiting in line to sign loyalty oaths. At the far end of the food counter, a group of men who had arrived earlier were pledging allegiance to the flag, with trays of food balanced in one hand, in order to be allowed to take seats at the table. Already at the tables, a group that had arrived still earlier was singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in order that they might use the salt and pepper and ketchup there. The hubub began to subside slowly as Major —— de Coverley paused in the doorway with a frown of puzzled disapproval, as though viewing something bizarre. He started forward in a straight line, and the wall of officers before him parted like the Red Sea. Glancing neither left nor right, he strode indomitably up to the steam counter and, in a clear, full-bodied voice that was gruff with age and resonant with ancient eminence and authority, said:
“Gimme eat.”
Instead of eat, Corporal Snark gave Major —— de Coverley a loyalty oath to sign. Major —— de Coverley swept it away with mighty displeasure the moment he recognized what it was, his good eye flaring up blindingly with fiery disdain and his enormous old corrugated face darkening in mountainous wrath.
“Gimme eat, I said,” he ordered loudly in harsh tones that rumbled ominously through the silent tent like claps of distant thunder.
Corporal Snark turned pale and began to tremble. He glanced toward Milo pleadingly for guidance. For several terrible seconds there was not a sound. Then Milo nodded.
“Give him eat,” he said.
Corporal Snark began giving Major —— de Coverley eat. Major —— de Coverley turned from the counter with his tray full and came to a stop. His eyes fell on the groups of other officers gazing at him in mute appeal, and, with righteous belligerence, he roared:
“Give everybody eat!”
“Give everybody eat!” Milo echoed with joyful relief, and the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade came to an end.

FredH Nov 18, 2011 10:00 PM

1929 Auto Show Fire
Los Angeles Times

The story and more pictures are here:

so-cal-bear Nov 18, 2011 10:25 PM


ethereal_reality Nov 19, 2011 12:08 AM

Great post 3940dxer. I'm with you, that porn mansion needs to be torn down.
They should let the caretaker stay in the vacant house instead of some trailer. That guy could be livin' it up.

I'm glad you reposted gsjansen's post on Outpost....I had forgotten all about the story. I still find it amazing that the sign was in neon!
I would love to find a night-time photo of it.

Welcome to the thread Pompeyuk. I spent a summer in Portsmouth many years ago.
I stayed at the YMCA across from the bombed out Royal Garrison Church. My cohorts and I would go to a pub called 'Still & West'.


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