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chris08876 Jul 30, 2015 6:32 PM

BOSTON | 533 Washington Street (Canvas) | 305 FT | 30 FLOORS


A 25-year-old Boston University graduate with little development experience has proposed an ambitious addition to Boston’s skyline: a slender, 30-story “pencil tower” improbably shoehorned onto a tiny parcel in Downtown Crossing.

The builder is Collin Yip, who has a degree in business administration from Boston University and has renovated several small buildings in the North End and Cambridge. The building proposed for Washington Street would be by far his largest undertaking, rising 305 feet on less than one-tenth of an acre, a lot just 38 feet wide across the front.

Dubbed “Canvas,” it would contain 94 residences, offices, restaurants, and several co-working and business incubator spaces. The plans, which have already drawn concern from the owner of the neighboring building, were detailed in a letter filed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Monday by Yip’s development startup, Rafi Properties LLC.

The skyscraper would be built over the former Felt nightclub at 533 Washington St., preserving the façade of the four-story building that’s currently on the site.

The company thinks its project will fit just fine; it envisions Canvas as a part of Boston’s emerging downtown.

simms3_redux Jul 30, 2015 10:46 PM

I want to meet this guy! Impressive

hotwheels Aug 11, 2016 6:52 PM

Another Parking-Free Residential Tower Slated for Boston


In July, we looked at five residential projects across North America that eschewed a private parking garage. It's a trend that's sweeping the continent, especially walkable cities like Boston, where the amenities and conveniences of downtown living are at your doorstep. Looking to add another development to the parking-free list is Rafi Properties, who is planning to build a 30-storey tower in the dense Downtown Crossing neighbourhood.

Urbannizer May 1, 2018 12:09 AM


Developer to build a restaurant and creative office space in Downtown Crossing


533 WASHINGTON HOLDINGS LLC has pulled a permit to perform interior updates to revitalize former home of the Felt nightclub to more modern uses.

Permit application calls for the addition of a bar and restaurant in the basement and 1st floor as well as a creative office space.

The likes of the Radian, Ava, Millenium Tower and 171 Tremont Street drives an additional residential presence to this well-known retail and commuting hub.

This project will add a new sprawling restaurant space to occupy the first floor and create needed ambiance at the street level. The office space will bring a contemporary and value-added utility to a growing class of professionals seeing work-life-balance.

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