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TechTalkGuy Feb 22, 2013 2:19 AM

:previous: I wonder how they will perform the construction without disrupting train service running through the tunnel. :shrug:

genop Mar 27, 2013 11:59 AM

Not sure if this tower has its own thread but this was in the post today:


New towering W. Side gem
‘Diamond’ bldg. plan

Last Updated: 3:06 AM, March 27, 2013
Posted: 12:31 AM, March 27, 2013
This tower is ready to become a jewel in the Manhattan skyline.

A new rendering has been released for a long-stalled office skyscraper at the Hudson Yards. It shows a “diamond”-covered structure that will rise 56 stories on the far West Side.

Dubbed One Hudson Yards, the project will feature a faceted facade covered in what designers call a “diagrid” pattern.

The $1 billion building is expected to stand 877 feet tall on 11th Avenue, between West 33rd and 34th streets.

Designed by Kohn Pedersen and developed by Extell, One Hudson Yards is set to offer 1.75 million square feet of office space.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: A rendering of the office tower planned for Hudson Yards on the far West Side.“The deliberate expression of the tower’s sleek ‘diagrid’ structural system creates a dramatic visual landmark in the heart of the Hudson Yards District,” says a description on the project’s Web site.

Originally announced in 2009, One Hudson Yards will sit atop the No. 7 subway line extension now under construction, adjacent to the planned Hudson Park project and across from the Javits Convention Center.

It would also be next to the West 34th Street entrance of the subway line, which is scheduled to open next year.

A source close to the project said office-space rental rates have yet to be set.

Developers have said previously that they would start building only once they have signed up tenants for at least half the space.

“We’re looking to deliver the project by late 2017, 2018,” said the source, adding that the MTA “has built a majority of our foundation” due to the subway construction.

“That’s why [the developer] has the advantage of speed to market without the risk of environmental hazards or hitting bedrock,” the source added.

Extell’s project is just north of mixed-use mega-development that Related Cos. is building on the Hudson Yards rail site bounded by 10th and 12th avenues from West 30th to 33rd streets.

NYC4Life Mar 27, 2013 5:21 PM

^^^ That's One Hudson Yards

mrnyc Apr 3, 2013 5:02 AM

isnt this site where the 'world product centre' or medical mart tower was once supposed to be built (before it got beaten to the punch by cleveland)?

NYC4Life Apr 11, 2013 7:13 PM

04/10/2013 05:39 PM
MTA Closes Two Major Leases For Hudson Yards Site
By: NY1 News


The buildings aren't up yet at Hudson Yards, but more giant companies are moving into the newest neighborhood on Manhattan's far West Side.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says it closed on the first of two 99-year leases with Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group.

This lease allows Related to develop 26 acres over the Long Island Rail Road tracks between 10th and 12th Avenues and West 30th and 33rd Streets, the same area served by the extended number 7 train.

Excavation and foundation work started in late 2012.

Fashion company Coach already bought 740,000-square-feet in the south tower for its global corporate headquarters.

Its new neighbors will be beauty company L'Oreal and technology company SAP.

Officials say this leaves the south tower with more than 80 percent occupancy.

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mrnyc Apr 14, 2013 6:12 AM


NYguy Apr 23, 2013 8:14 PM

With Javits saved for now, Alan Steel forges on
President of convention center dares to plan for future.

By Daniel Geiger
April 21, 2013


Was it awkward when Mr. Cuomo suggested Javits be razed?

Samuel Johnson said nothing concentrates a man's mind like imminent execution. With the threat of the building closing, does that get everyone to think and say, "This is serious, and all you can do is do a better job"? It helps.

Isn't there still a sense of uncertainty surrounding the future of Javits?

We're not seeing a lot of people booking far out, in, say, 2025. Some conventions book four-year cycles. If you tell them you don't know if you're going to be around, it might influence their decision.

If you had to put Javits somewhere else, where would you put it?

I would want to establish a lot of conversation with peers in the convention and hotel industries, and I would look across the bridge, possibly at the rail yards in Queens. Willets Point has interesting elements to it. I would be looking for something with that type of proximity to existing infrastructure. Eastern Queens seems a little far out, but anything is possible.

What are your goals?

My big campaign is building a yes culture. We're trying to imbue all employees that the answer to any question is yes. It's yes, we'll find a way to do it. What's going to happen to Javits is not ultimately my responsibility or any of my staff. The only influence we can have on that conversation is if people are saying this is valuable to the economy.

The development of the rail yards is rapidly changing the far West Side. What place will Javits have in the new landscape?

More than anything, the arrival of the No. 7 line changes the dynamic. The building for years has had to bring customers here by car or bus. One thing we have thought of is trying to create a food destination here. I look at the Time Warner Center and what they have. We have the High Line crowd. There are a bunch of things that could be done to make us more attractive.

NYguy May 3, 2013 1:30 AM

Lazarian Properties Pays $21.25 M. for Hudson Yards Development Site

By Al Barbarino 5/02/13


Lake Success, New York-based Lalezarian Properties has purchased a development site in the Hudson Yards Special District at 511-515 West 36th Street for $21.25 million, The Commercial Observer has learned. A six-story, 37,929-square-foot commercial loft building currently sits at the site, but the firm plans to raze the structure and construct a residential rental development across it and adjacent sites that it already owns. “They preferred to have a larger site and this acquisition adds to the size of their floor plate,” said Eastern Consolidated’s Azita Aghravi, who represented the buyer.

Lalezarian Properties also owns the parcels located between 519 and 525 West 36th Streets, meaning that the property will ultimately run up against a newly created intersection at its border.

“The city is creating a new street there, so this will be a nice corner location for them,” Ms. Aghravi said, adding that real estate holdings in the vicinity of Hudson Yards are currently “a magnet” for investors.

NYguy Jun 3, 2013 12:13 PM

Balking Over Public Space
Related Cos. Seeks to Opt Out of Paying for New Park on Border of Hudson Yards.

A rendering of a block of Hudson Park and Boulevard, an approximately 4-acre system which is planned for 2014.

June 2, 2013


Landlords are coming together to pay annual dues for upkeep and improvements to a new city-owned park being developed on Manhattan's far West Side. But there's one notable exception: the developer of the 26-acre Hudson Yards project at the southern edge of the planned park.

Executives at Related Cos.—which is planning to develop office buildings, stores and apartment buildings on its huge site—have told people working on the park that they don't feel Related should have to contribute to its upkeep. The executives have pointed out that Related is already on the hook for funding the maintenance and operations of more than 12 acres of open space planned on its site given a prior agreement with the city. Company executives see another fee for maintenance in the area as a form of double taxation.

Other landlords in the area don't agree. "They should be paying the same thing as everybody else does," says Oskar Brecher, director of development for Moinian Group, which owns a site in the area.

The new park, planned to run from West 33rd to West 36th streets for its first phase, is expected to open in 2014. While the city paid for construction, it never made a commitment to pay for much of its upkeep, leaving open the question of how it would be funded. Instead, neighborhood property owners and community leaders are working on creating a so-called "business improvement district" that would require owners of commercial and some residential buildings to pay annual fees for park maintenance and other services for the area. Fees would range from $1 for owners of residential condos would exceed $10,000 for some owners of larger, newer buildings before more developments are finished and share the burden.

The question is what should be the boundaries of the district? Its plan calls for it to cover a large swath of the West Side, stretching from West 30th Street to West 42nd Street, and from Ninth Avenue to the east side of 11th Avenue. Landlords would pay based on a formula that takes into account the square footage, assessed value and type of property.

But that proposed area would include the eastern half of Related's 26-acre development. Related feels the boundaries of the BID should be redrawn to exclude it, as the company sees its project as benefiting less than the buildings that border the park. "We are supportive of the creation of a BID to provide enhanced services to the new neighborhood and maintain the new Hudson Park and Boulevard, funded by the properties that border it and will primarily benefit," a spokeswoman for Related said in a written statement.

Related also owns another West Side property near the new park and within the boundaries of the BID that it believes would be fair. Related is willing to make contributions to the BID for those properties but not for those in Hudson Yards.

Other landlords in the area argue that tenants in Hudson Yards are sure to use the new park to the north as well as the open space in Related's project. "When a person walks up to one open space, they're not going to see artificial boundaries," says Joe Restuccia, the executive director of Clinton Housing Development Company, a nonprofit housing developer in the area who is on the BID steering committee. "The whole thing is one whole—it's meant to be seamless and Related should be part of it."

On its website for its rail yards development, Related touts the "broad tree-lined parks and open space" planned for the new park in a list of public investments in the area that the website calls "especially beneficial for Hudson Yards."

Other properties will clearly see a big benefit from being even closer to the new park than the Related site. For example, Moinian Group's site sits directly on the new park.

"As opposed to having a roadway, our building is directly on the park. The east side retail opens up directly onto the park," Mr. Brecher says.

Nonetheless, Mr. Brecher says his position is that Related should contribute on the same basis as other landlords. He points out that the deal Related got when it was named developer of Hudson Yards includes "both ups and downs," and the company's contention that its site should be viewed differently than other landlords isn't an argument that "holds water."

ablerock Jun 3, 2013 4:35 PM


Originally Posted by NYguy (Post 6150973)

Balking Over Public Space
Related Cos. Seeks to Opt Out of Paying for New Park on Border of Hudson Yards.


So are these complaining companies proposing that they'll then share the bill for Related's exclusive portion of the park in return?

I understand at a basic logic level why they're saying that costs should be shared since everyone benefits. But if Related is already footing the entire bill for the 2 largest blocks of open space in the contiguous "park" (if one includes the west half), they're already contributing to it in a substantial way. Perhaps more so than any other company.

And then, since we're going down that thought line, do all these companies have to pay for the High Line now? It's all connected. Coach should probably pay for the High Line because it's leading so many people to its flagship and headquarters, right?


As an outsider, I'm unaware: How often is this the model in NYC, that private companies be tapped pay maintenance fees for public spaces?

mrnyc Jun 5, 2013 1:06 PM


ILNY Jul 14, 2013 2:36 PM

Ventilation buildings.

chris08876 Jul 21, 2013 1:47 AM

How many towers are going up in total (Both Phases)?

mrnyc Jul 21, 2013 2:49 AM

ilny -- thx so much for those #7 subway extension vent bldg pics. those are great -- i put some up, but they kind of sucked. did you happen to get up close and notice the tiling on the southern vent next to the yards? that surprized me quite a bit, pretty fancy. not sure if the northern bldg has that? i suppose it does too.

Eidolon Jul 24, 2013 12:01 PM

Hudson site woos Sotheby’s
July 23, 2013


Stephen Ross of Related Cos. is bidding on Sotheby’s 500,000 square-foot building at 1334 York Ave., with a proposal that includes snagging them as a tenant for his Hudson Yards project.

The proposed 1031 tax-free exchange would have Sotheby’s buy — and perhaps partially lease — several hundred thousand square feet in the 750,000 square-foot retail podium that connects the first two office towers at Hudson Yards.

The scheme is modeled on Related’s deal with Coach for offices in the South Tower and the ongoing talks with Time Warner for the North Tower, with Related buying their current buildings.

Douglas Harmon and Adam Spies of Eastdil Secured are marketing Sotheby’s building, while Peter Riguardi and Alexander Chudnoff of Jones Lang LaSalle are leading the new office search. All parties declined to comment.
Sotheby's would be a good addition to the Hudson Yards neigbourhood and It would be interesting to see what Related does with 1334 York, it could easily be the site of yet another slender +200M residential tower. :yes:

chris08876 Jul 27, 2013 6:19 PM


Originally Posted by Eidolon (Post 6208300)
Hudson site woos Sotheby’s
July 23, 2013

Sotheby's would be a good addition to the Hudson Yards neigbourhood and It would be interesting to see what Related does with 1334 York, it could easily be the site of yet another slender +200M residential tower. :yes:

Would they demolish 1334 York? The site is actually quite nice or would they simply add an extension ontop of the existing place? Hopefully something could be worked with the current site; maybe us it as a base or podium for a 200m+.

ILNY Jul 28, 2013 4:56 AM


Originally Posted by mrnyc (Post 6204857)
ilny -- thx so much for those #7 subway extension vent bldg pics. those are great -- i put some up, but they kind of sucked. did you happen to get up close and notice the tiling on the southern vent next to the yards? that surprized me quite a bit, pretty fancy. not sure if the northern bldg has that? i suppose it does too.

Yes, the tiling looks good. Northern building does not have it.

Few more from the site.

NYguy Aug 1, 2013 8:37 PM

Hudson Yards Park Will Have Playground for Teenagers

By Mathew Katz
July 31, 2013


Teenagers are getting a playground to call their own in a new park that will rise as part of the massive Hudson Yards development.

The teen play space will feature a large jungle gym with ropes, along with spinning "centrifuges" similar to ones popular with teenagers in Union Square Park, according to the latest version of the plan. The equipment is all designed to be big enough for teenagers to climb.

"I think it's really important because teens, a lot of the time, don't have spaces to go," said Erica Baptiste, community planner for Community Board 4, which requested the dedicated space for teenagers based on feedback from local residents. "At least they can go here and it's actually designed with them in mind."

The playground is part of a four-block open space in Hudson Yards called Hudson Park and Boulevard, running from West 33rd Street to West 37th Street, between 10th and 11th avenues. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. designed the park, including the teen play space, with input from Community Board 4.

The northernmost section of the new park, which will contain the teen playground along with a play area for toddlers and some all-ages swings and benches, will cost $35 million. "We're told young teenage girls, ages 13 to 16, love swings, so they put a a swing set there," Baptiste said. While the toddler play space will only be open to children and the adults accompanying them, the teen area will be open to anyone.

No timeline has been set for the new park space because it is dependent on the completion of the surrounding Hudson Yards development. The project's first buildings won't be complete until at least 2015.

Community Board 4 decided to support a new space for teenagers after facing some criticism for asking the Parks Department to get rid of a basketball court popular with local teens at Ramon Aponte Park in an upcoming renovation, replacing it with a so-called "Stroller Center."

Baptiste said those criticisms were heard in the board's approach to this park, which will be built specifically with teens in mind. "The way they designed it, it's inviting to a lot of different users, not just teens — but we wanted to make sure they had a space," she said.

The entire Block 4 section of the park is a new addition to the original plan. Until a few months ago, the park was going to be only three blocks long, but board members won a fourth from the city after demanding a replacement for the roughly 20,000 square feet of public space that will be taken by an expanded plan for the Hudson Yard Culture Shed.

While the new park will be surrounded by the soaring skyscrapers of Hudson Yards, Community Board 4 wanted to make sure it was accessible to the larger Hell's Kitchen community. An original plan — rejected by the board — would have had dense, plant-covered areas surrounding it, similar to Teardrop Park in Battery Park City. Instead, the board asked for the park space to be more visible.


Duck From NY Aug 2, 2013 8:15 PM


Originally Posted by NYguy (Post 6218403)
Hudson Yards Park Will Have Playground for Teenagers

Jokes aside, it's always nice to see the wants of the family-minded taken into account in Manhattan.

mrnyc Aug 3, 2013 12:18 AM

yeah seriously, this is actually important. teens need places where its ok to be and they can be monitored. nice that they were thought of in the context of something like this, because usually they are ignored.

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