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Onn Jan 2, 2013 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by M II A II R II K
And a fire wouldn't be fueled by an incoming train if it were separated from the platform.

I think the gates are a great idea too, how many stories have we heard now of suicides and people being pushed onto the tracks against their will. Whenever an event like that happens its disrupts the entire subway service.

NYC4Life Jan 4, 2013 7:57 PM

9:47 AM
MTA Restoring 17 Axed Bus Routes This Weekend
By: NY1 News


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is bringing back more than a dozen bus routes that were caught in a round of unpopular service cuts in 2010.

Beginning Sunday, full service will resume on 17 bus routes that were cut or shortened during the agency's budget crunch.

That includes two routes in the Bronx, seven in Brooklyn, three in Manhattan and five in Queens.

Two local bus lines and two express bus routes on Staten Island will be restored on January 20.

The MTA is spending $18 million to provide the additional bus service.

Several new regular and select bus routes are being added later this year.

For a list of all the routes being restored, visit

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Inkoumori Jan 5, 2013 9:34 PM


Originally Posted by aquablue (Post 5955639)
You erased all your comments, hmm.

Yeah, sorry. It was New Year's Day and I had written several well thought out posts concerning JFK/EWR/LHR and CDG - but J. Will was determined to troll me. So in the interest of not having my day ruined, I erased it all and left him with no further nourishment ;)

Don't worry, I'm sure he'll return.

Inkoumori Jan 5, 2013 10:00 PM

UPPER EAST SIDE — Residents concerned about damage to subway tunnels and rails in the wake of Superstorm Sandy fear the MTA isn't doing enough to shore up the under-construction Second Avenue subway to defend it against future storms.

Read more:

J. Will Jan 6, 2013 4:31 AM


Originally Posted by Inkoumori (Post 5960787)
Yeah, sorry. It was New Year's Day and I had written several well thought out posts concerning JFK/EWR/LHR and CDG - but J. Will was determined to troll me.

Nope. You made a comment suggesting you don't understand the meaning of a one-seat ride, so I explained it to you. That is the opposite of trolling. I was trying to help you understand. I'm not the troll in this thread. Look in the mirror. Your "of course I understand" comment after you made a comment clearly suggesting you didn't understand the term was silly. Keep trolling though. It's what you do best.


Don't worry, I'm sure he'll return.
Just as sure as I'm sure you'll return. Unfortunately.


Originally Posted by aquablue (Post 5955639)
You erased all your comments, hmm.

Even he realized how stupid they were. Eventually at least.

sbarn Jan 6, 2013 5:01 AM


Originally Posted by J. Will (Post 5961184)
Nope. You made a comment suggesting you don't understand the meaning of a one-seat ride, so I explained it to you. That is the opposite of trolling. I was trying to help you understand. I'm not the troll in this thread. Look in the mirror. Your "of course I understand" comment after you made a comment clearly suggesting you didn't understand the term was silly. Keep trolling though. It's what you do best.

Just as sure as I'm sure you'll return. Unfortunately.

Even he realized how stupid they were. Eventually at least.

Wow, seriously? Leave the guy alone. Your post has nothing to do with to topic at hand, rather it's a nasty personal attack. To me that sure seems like trolling.

J. Will Jan 6, 2013 5:12 AM

I'm willing to leave him alone as long as he stops bringing my name up a week after the fact. There was no need to mention my name when I hadn't even posted in the thread in over a week. And I thought his comments about me in December constituted a "nasty personal attack" as well. I was trying to help him out by explaining a term to him, and he attacked me for it. Some thanks.


To me that sure seems like trolling.
He said he didn't understand the meaning of a term. So I explained it to him. That's trolling? Helping him out. I'm curious where this "nasty personal attack" I made towards him is in your opinion. Can you reference the exact post number where I made a "nasty personal attack" on him so I can go back and read exactly what I said.

NYC4Life Jan 7, 2013 10:36 PM

City School Buses Rolling; Strike Threat Still Looms
By: Kristen Shaughnessy


City school buses were rolling Monday morning even though the threat of a strike still looms.

The union representing bus drivers gave word last night that drivers would be on the job this morning. But parents of 150,000 city school kids who rely on buses are making contingency plans anyway.

If there is a strike students can get a MetroCard from their school's general office.

Parents of children in kindergarten through second grade and individualized education programs will also get MetroCards.

The DOE has alerted the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to prepare for increased subway ridership.

Also, parents who live too far from public transportation will be reimbursed if they choose to drive their children, at a rate of 55 cents a mile.

Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union has not said whether it will strike.

The city is in the process of bidding out new school bus contracts.

The union wants the city to guarantee their drivers would keep their jobs under the new contracts.

The city says it's illegal to include that job protection in a new contract.

"The union has said well maybe on Monday, maybe Wednesday, maybe we'll do it, maybe we won't do it. They're jerking our kids around. We can't allow that to happen. I'm not going to allow that to happen," said Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott.

"A strike is the last card we want to play. But if we are given no other alternative or no other option, we will do what we need to do to protect the children of the city of New York and the work force of the school bus driver industry," said Local 1181 Rep. Michael Cordiello.

Chancellor Walcott says when the city put the pre-K bus contracts up for bid the city saved $95 million over five years.

The union, however, is worried bus companies who get the contracts might hire lower paid or nonunion drivers, leaving some of its drivers and attendants without a job.

"We just need security, job security. We are not asking for anything else. Just to keep our jobs that's it," said Bus Attendant Grace Mancini.

Walcott says regardless of who gets the new contract it still requires all bus drivers to be certified and complete the mandatory trainings.

The current contract for drivers and matrons ends in June.

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NYC4Life Jan 7, 2013 10:42 PM


PATH escalator accident injures 5
Updated at 05:11 PM today


JERSEY CITY (WABC) -- Screams and panic engulfed a commuter rail station Monday morning when an ascending escalator changed direction and started to head back down, causing some people to jump off mid-ride.

Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico says the five people were hurt when the escalator started moving in the wrong direction around 9:00 a.m.

Three people were taken to the hospital as a precaution, according to Marsico. None of the injuries was considered life-threatening. They ranged from back and neck pain to scrapes, bumps and bruises, Marsico said.

Nick Lukish, of Brooklyn, N.Y., said he was headed to work and midway up the escalator when the moving staircase started going down.
"There was a stampede at the base of the escalator," Lukish said. "People started to panic and yell and scream, and I saw some people jump over to the down side of the escalator, so I jumped."

The 33-year-old, who works in information technology at a bank in Jersey City, said it wasn't until he got to work that he noticed he had cuts and bruises on his shins from the jump. After going to a pharmacy to get some bandages, he returned to the station to give his account to police.

Two of the station's three escalators were shut down after the incident, forcing thousands of commuters to walk up the 128 stairs to the street. The Port Authority says escalators at Exchange Place will remain suspended through at least Tuesday morning.

Marsico says officials don't know what caused the escalator to malfunction. A witness posted video of the incident on YouTube. Watch Alex Rodriguez' video HERE.

The Exchange Place station suffered extensive damage during Superstorm Sandy, and the Port Authority is investigating whether that played a factor in Monday's incident.

Copyright ©2013 ABC Inc., WABC-TV/DT New York, NY. All Rights Reserved.

NYC4Life Jan 7, 2013 10:44 PM

Video of PATH escalator accident that occurred at the Exchange Place station:

Video Link

M II A II R II K Jan 8, 2013 11:58 PM

Draft Report: To Withstand Storms, Build a Bigger Bus System

Read More:


To better survive the economic impact of big storms like Sandy, New York needs a “world class” bus rapid transit system. That’s one of the major recommendations in a report commissioned by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on how to rebuild New York infrastructure post-Sandy.

- Such a system could be less vulnerable to floods and more able to restart service after big storms. It would also be able to connect neighborhoods that would otherwise be stranded by subway service disruptions. “A world class BRT network would enhance the resilience and redundancy of the overall transit system,” according to a draft copy of the report which was leaked to the New York Times. The report contained no specific recommendations for funding the system. It also doesn’t address the thorny political question which frequently accompanies BRT proposals — that of of turning over road space traditionally used by cars to buses only.

- “Financial support from the State would be welcome in helping to bring New York City’s ongoing bus system improvement efforts closer to world class ‘gold standard’ BRT,” said ITDP CEO Walter Hook in a statement. “A world-class BRT system would not only have fully dedicated lanes that keep the buses separate from traffic, and off-board fare collection, but also beautiful iconic stations with platforms that allow people to step directly onto the bus.” The NYS2100 commission is co-chaired by Rockefeller Foundation Chairwoman Judith Rodin and financier Felix Rohatyn. (Rockefeller also funds Transportation Nation.) The Governor’s office didn’t comment on the draft report, and an MTA spokesman, Adam Lisberg, said the report’s recommendations had not been shared with the MTA.


Busy Bee Jan 9, 2013 4:25 AM

Why not light rail with dedicated ROW then?

aquablue Jan 9, 2013 4:42 AM


Originally Posted by Busy Bee (Post 5965507)
Why not light rail with dedicated ROW then?

I agree, I don't see how more busses can be a good thing for the city. Light rail is cleaner and more liked.

NYC4Life Jan 9, 2013 9:28 PM


Ferry accident at Pier 11 injures dozens
Updated at 04:08 PM today


NEW YORK (WABC) -- A high-speed ferry loaded with hundreds of commuters from New Jersey slammed into a dock in lower Manhattan during the morning rush hour, injuring dozens of people.

The Seastreak ferry hit the dock pulling into Pier 11 near the South Street Seaport just before 9 a.m., opening a large gash on the starboard side of the bow.

At least 74 people suffered injuries, officials said. NYPD says the most serious person has a head injury and went to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Officials said no one has life threatening injuries.

There were 343 on board at the time, including five crew members. The ferry has a capacity of 400. All five crew members passed alcohol Breathalyzer tests

"Nothing seemed like it was going to be out of the ordinary," passenger Chris Avore said. "There was once or twice where I was talking with a colleague where we actually thought it was coming in a little hot near Brooklyn, where we're not used to seeing it. Then the next thing we knew, you feel the jolt and then everybody goes flying."

Dozens of people were taken from the ferry on stretchers, rushed to New York Downtown Hospital or New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center on the Upper East Side for treatment. Hundreds were evaluated on the dock in a makeshift triage area and on the ferry.

"Once you basically pass the Statue of Liberty, you pretty much know that you're going to be there soon, so a lot of people start standing up, milling around, getting their coats and everything like that," Avore said. "Anybody who was standing went to the ground."

Most of the injuries were on the upper level, where the people were standing while waiting to disembark. The man who suffered the critical head injury apparently fell down the stairs, possibly cracking the window. He was reportedly rushed into surgery and has been upgraded to stable condition. The second person critically injured also suffered a head injury.

The ferry was the 8 a.m. from Conner's Pier in Highlands, New Jersey, to the Wall Street area. It was scheduled to arrive at Pier 11 at 8:45 a.m.

The cause of the crash is unknown, but sources say the catamaran only recently was put back into service after being damaged during Sandy. The Coast Guard was on site inspecting the vessel and the pier, which reopened shortly after noon. The National Transportation Safety Board has also dispatched a team to investigate the crash.

The ferry company, Seastreak LLC, issued a statement saying it would work with investigators to determine the cause of the accident.

"We are simply shocked and stunned that this happened. We know passengers rely on us to provide safe transit on our boats - and safety is the number one concern for our company. We are very sorry this accident occurred.," the company said. " We are working with the National Transportation Safety Board and Coast Guard to determine what happened. We don't have those answers yet, but will do whatever we can to find out."

Seastreak added that its top priority is helping those people who suffered injuries.

"We're working to bring family members to the city and to make other arrangements to help them," the company said. " We want to thank New York City's emergency responders for arriving on the scene so quickly and helping us attend to those who were hurt. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who were injured."

New York City's transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, said the ferry was coming in at 10 to 12 knots, or about 12 mph, when it collided with one slip and then hit a second. After the impact, the boat was able to dock normally.

Police said the boat's crew passed alcohol breath tests given after the crash.

The Seastreak Wall Street has been in accidents before. Coast Guard records said the ferry hit a cluster of fender piles while docking in 2010, punching a hole in the ship's hull. In 2009, it suffered another tear on the bow after another minor docking collision. No one was injured in either of those mishaps.

The naval architecture firm that designed the reconfiguration, Incat Crowther, said in an August news release that the ferry's water-jet propulsion system had been replaced with a new system of propellers and rudders to save fuel costs and reduce pollution. The hull was also reworked and the ship made 15 metric tons lighter. At top speed, the ferry travels at around 35 knots, or 40 mph.

Ferry accidents happen every few years in New York. In 2003, 11 people were killed when a Staten Island Ferry crashed into a pier on Staten Island after its pilot passed out at the wheel. Three people were badly hurt and about 40 injured when the same ferry hit the same pier in 2010, because of a mechanical problem.

Copyright ©2013 WABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.

Inkoumori Jan 9, 2013 11:11 PM

Beam Charging is getting serious in NYC;


With hundreds of locations currently under contract and new charging stations coming online every day, Beam Charging provides the most extensive network of Electric Vehicle charging stations in New York City and the North East. Beam Charging is also a member of the Chargepoint Network. We support all Chargepoint cardholders and Beam Charging cardholders have access to thousands of Chargepoint stations nationwide.

So go ahead and buy that Tesla Model S. Turns out NYC metro is a big push for the company with more sales outlets (5) than any other NA metro area. LA has 3, the Bay Area 2 and South Florida 2. Check out dealership locations;

Busy Bee Jan 11, 2013 12:29 AM

Whatever became of the double decker trail program?

NYC4Life Jan 11, 2013 8:19 PM

High Bridge Restoration Effort To Revive Landmark Span
By: NY1 News


A historic bridge linking Manhattan and the Bronx will soon undergo a multi-million dollar restoration.

City officials broke ground Friday on a $61 million project to fix up High Bridge.

The landmarked structure has been closed for decades and is the city's oldest standing bridge.

It connects the Highbridge section of the Bronx and Washington Heights in upper Manhattan.

Officials say it will be reopened for pedestrians and bike riders, and residents will have access to the Harlem waterfront.

"Generations of children who grew up here in the Bronx Highbridge neighborhood have been cut off from Manhattan's Highbridge Park," Bloomberg said.

"There are people who live in this community who have relatives in Washington Heights and vice versa. It's almost like the same community divided by water. Now it won't be divided by water anymore," said Rep. Jose Serrano of the Bronx.

Officials say the project should be complete by next year.

© 1999-2012 NY1 News and Time Warner Cable Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NYC4Life Jan 14, 2013 7:32 PM

9:56 AM
MTA Begins "Fastrack" Repairs On B, D Lines Tonight
By: NY1 News


Subway riders in the Bronx might see their plans derailed this week as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority brings its "Fastrack" overnight maintenance work to the Grand Concourse B and D lines.

Starting Monday night, service will be suspended on a stretch of the B and D lines between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for four consecutive nights, wrapping up Friday morning.

There will be no service between Norwood-205th Street and 161st Street-Yankee Stadium in both directions.

Free shuttle buses will run between 205th Street and the Mosholu Parkway stop on the 4 line.

A transfer is also available between 4 and D trains at 161st Street.

For more information, visit

© 1999-2012 NY1 News and Time Warner Cable Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NYC4Life Jan 14, 2013 9:51 PM

School bus strike
The Union representing NYC school bus drivers have announced workers will go on strike, effective Wednesday morning. About 150,000 students will be affected.

Inkoumori Jan 15, 2013 1:16 PM

MTA Puts Brakes On Union-Endorsed Subway Slowdowns


The Transport Workers Union is trying to slow down subway trains to increase safety, but the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is slamming the breaks on the efforts.
TWU officials sent an email to nearly 2,000 train operators Friday and started posting a flier asking them to slow down to about 10 mph when entering stations.

MTA leadership ordered the posters be taken down.

The union then wrote a letter to the MTA claiming current protocols are not meeting safety needs and recommended several ways to improve safety, including the slowdown.

In a statement released Monday, the MTA fires back, claiming safety is its top priority and saying, "Some of the actions they are recommending, if implemented, would result in even more hazardous conditions due to overcrowding on platforms and onboard trains. There are other, more effective ways of making the system safer than slowing down train service and we are committed to working towards them."

Yeah, I support worker's rights to unionize, but this smacks of extortion. It wouldn't matter 10mph v the current 15-25mph for suicides (you go to the rear of the platform) or the occasional slip/push. It's a train, it's hard to stop. Might there be 1 or 2 deaths fewer every decade by slowing down trains entering a station? Perhaps, but overall the TWU doesn't really care about that. This is a cynical way to increase overtime pay by tragedy and I'm gonna call it "foul".

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