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mousquet May 31, 2020 11:10 PM

Having Paris to learn about photography.
I love cycling the city. It's only been feeling better and better since we've had fair bike lanes pretty much all over.
So early this morning, I told myself - let's take the US/Canada forum to the 18th arrondissement. I like it and it's been a long while since my last visit over there.

Unfortunately, I'm still completely unable to handle a camera properly. The one I picked recently is supposed not to be too hard to use for newbies and dummies, but of course I had some bad trouble with shade / sunlight contrasts as I let the freaking cam do all the settings/work on its own. And I don't even know how to frame a decent photo yet, given the lens I have.

So this is what I've got for now. Yes, Lord knows it's not good at all.
However, I'm determined to get better at this to serve the French urban-planning and architecture site.
I'll bring some contents to this forum too. Just give me a bit of time to grow slightly better at taking pictures.

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:11 PM

Anyway, it was about 8:30am and I noticed there was a street market on blvd Ornano that stretches between Marcadet-Poissonniers and Porte de Clignancourt. This is a rougher side of the 18th arrondissement. I wouldn't recommend a night walk to anybody over there, for they may go through unpleasant encounters.

That said, it's 8:30am, safe in the morning. I'm a local and kinda know about the spot, so I decided to park (and lock) my bike and started to shoot things along the boulevard, a bit at random. I just wanted some street life for the thread.
IMG_0013 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0014 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0015 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0017 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0018 by mousquet, sur Flickr

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:14 PM
IMG_0019 by mousquet, sur Flickr

If you'd been there this morning, you would have quickly realized the boulevard was still filthy and smelling like piss from last night.
That's obviously not the fault of these people who got up early on a Sunday morning to buy their food. It is because of the nasty pigs that dirtied it last night without a care, and of the City that wouldn't clean it up before this neighborhood market comes on stage.
It is a rather nice boulevard, though. You'd probably be ok to live there.
IMG_0020 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0021 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0022 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0024 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0025 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Then quickly, I passed this guy with his hands in his pocket who seemed to be annoyed by the camera.
IMG_0023 by mousquet, sur Flickr

You can see the picture is blurred because his annoyed look made me react while I was pushing the button.
He was not offensive to me. He only asked - what are you doing?
I'm taking pictures that I'll post to a foreign urban-planning forum, I replied.
The guy didn't seem to understand, so I had to repeat and grabbed his arm to tell him - don't worry. They'll find it fun and like it.

30 seconds later, I passed a young seller smiling at me and at the cam, looking a bit interrogative.
Hey, you want me to take your stand in picture? I asked with enthusiasm, because theirs actually looked alright.
Then a grumpy guy (probably the boss) showed up and said - no, you don't take pictures.
So I thought I had bothered them enough already, and moved on.

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:16 PM

Now you're getting in a whole different atmosphere, just a few blocks away.
IMG_0026 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0027 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0030 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0029 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0031 by mousquet, sur Flickr

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:18 PM

I took these pictures in rue Damrémont, rue Lamarck, rue Caulaincourt and some surrounding little streets.
IMG_0032 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Bwahaha, look at that.
IMG_0033 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Hoïaïaïe, I'm telling you I must learn how to use that camera.

This florist below will have their humble 2-storey building demolished someday.
IMG_0034 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Never mind, they'll get some compensation.

Around there, gentrification is much done by now. Retailers, customers, dwellers and everyone don't act quite the same way as the people we've just seen on blvd Ornano.
It's bourgeoisie where we are now. Yet, again, the 2 neighborhoods are only a couple of blocks apart.

I think that's "Art Nouveau" or something.
IMG_0035 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0036 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Ah, something contemporary right there for a little change.
IMG_0038 by mousquet, sur Flickr

But the other pics I took of it are such a mess that they are not usable.

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:19 PM

Otherwise, the good old stuff goes on and on...
IMG_0042 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0043 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0044 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0045 by mousquet, sur Flickr

You may think this modern one below is out of place.
IMG_0046 by mousquet, sur Flickr

At least, you're sure to have a reliable elevator in that one.

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:20 PM
IMG_0047 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0048 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0053 by mousquet, sur Flickr

For some reason, I shot that one twice.
IMG_0051 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0054 by mousquet, sur Flickr

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:22 PM
IMG_0055 by mousquet, sur Flickr

I hope it doesn't feel too redundant, eh.
IMG_0058 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0060 by mousquet, sur Flickr

I like these 2 to the right.
IMG_0063 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0064 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0065 by mousquet, sur Flickr

I don't know why these in particular. I guess they just make up a fine pair with their subtle decoration.
I don't find them garish; this is it.

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:24 PM
IMG_0067 by mousquet, sur Flickr

People standing in line before a bakery, still watching "social distancing".
IMG_0068 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0069 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0071 by mousquet, sur Flickr

You tell me when you've had enough.
IMG_0074 by mousquet, sur Flickr

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:26 PM
IMG_0075 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0077 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0079 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0080 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0086 by mousquet, sur Flickr

A modern building.
IMG_0083 by mousquet, sur Flickr

I was looking for some that would look ok.

This is nearby the Montmartre neighborhood (or even part of it, depending on what you call Montmartre), so there's the bell tower of the Sacré-Cœur basilica.
IMG_0084 by mousquet, sur Flickr

We'll be there in 2 seconds.

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:27 PM
IMG_0089 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0090 by mousquet, sur Flickr

The same bell tower.
IMG_0092 by mousquet, sur Flickr

We're getting close.
When you go up to the basilica by rue Lamarck, at some point you find yourself facing this thing.
IMG_0094 by mousquet, sur Flickr

I find it funny. It's just some little change, doesn't hurt.

Here we are.
IMG_0095 by mousquet, sur Flickr

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:30 PM

Up there neighboring the big church, there's still a carmel.
IMG_0097 by mousquet, sur Flickr

That is a monastery where nuns, the so called Carmelites are locked up. Of their own free will, huh. No one here forces them to live like this. It's just a choice they made. Their way of life, so to say.

And there's this gentle Irish pub.
IMG_0099 by mousquet, sur Flickr


I tried to shoot the church itself, which felt impossible to me.
IMG_0098 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0101 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0116 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0103 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Ça va comme tu veux, vieux Louis ?
IMG_0106 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Yeah, this is king Saint-Louis. In fact, I should be more respectful here. I think he's simply the only serious and faithful king France ever had through her endless history.

Quoi de neuf, la Jeanne !?
IMG_0104 by mousquet, sur Flickr

This is Joan of Arc. The medieval English would have burned her alive as a witch because she gave the French the strength to kick them out of France.
So the Roman church made a saint of her too.

mousquet May 31, 2020 11:34 PM

Montmartre is a hill in Central Paris, and the basilica of the Sacré-Cœur was built at the top of it from 1875 to 1914, at a time when France was seeking redemption for all her ugly sins.
This is some of the views from up there.
IMG_0102 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0105 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0107 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0108 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0110 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0111 by mousquet, sur Flickr
IMG_0115 by mousquet, sur Flickr

You can't see La Défense. Not in this season anyway (trees may hide it). I forget whether it's ever visible from there.
So it looks like flat land even more than it actually is, but the view still feels awesome.

That's it. Thank you for viewing. Hope you'll enjoy the ride when you make it.

That was a bit too long and verbose. Next time I post a photo thread, it will be shorter and pictures better.
All pictures hosted by Flickr, by the way.

streetscaper Jun 1, 2020 1:54 AM

Nice showing! Thanks!

bilbao58 Jun 1, 2020 7:57 PM


Originally Posted by mousquet (Post 8938031)
let's take the US/Canada forum to the 18th arrondissement.

The 18th is too hilly for this old guy to cycle in. Can I do the 14th instead?

AJW Jun 1, 2020 9:31 PM

Can't see the pics.

mousquet Jun 1, 2020 9:51 PM


Originally Posted by bilbao58 (Post 8939105)
The 18th is too hilly for this old guy to cycle in. Can I do the 14th instead?

I'll go over there next time. Alesia is the central spot of the arrondissement to me. If you want to see about any particular street, you tell me.

bilbao58 Jun 1, 2020 9:58 PM


Originally Posted by mousquet (Post 8939223)
I'll go over there next time. Alesia is the central spot of the arrondissement to me. If you want to see about any particular street, you tell me.

Je rigolais...;)

I wouldn't mind seeing photos of the area around the old Entrepôts de Bercy in the 12th.

By the way, I can't see any photos. They are all blue question marks.

mousquet Jun 1, 2020 10:23 PM

I can see all pics except for the 1st one.

Blame on flickr if you can't actually see them. I subscribed to their platform to host some pictures for free.

In the end, pictures will belong to

All members are volunteers, for free and this site supports image hosting if you're a contributor (€5/month), but doesn't allow hotlinking because bandwidth is limited.

Doady Jun 2, 2020 1:22 AM

Flickr policy requires that when anyone direct links a Flickr photo to another site, they also link back the Flickr page of the photo. On each photo page, there is an arrow ("Share Photo" button) at the bottom right of each photo that provides the proper BBCode, and that's what you are supposed to use. They could be blocking your photos from appearing on this page because this page lacks the proper links.

I also have a free account on Flickr. Can you see my photos?

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