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Old Posted Oct 21, 2019, 3:04 PM
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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
\Its time that these anti-development hacks get out of office. City needs change. Might be time to try something new.

A city with a housing crisis should not have local politicians against housing and affordable units.

If you provide schools, they complain. If you provide 100's of affordable units, they complain. If you offer public improvement plans, they complain. Yah just can't win.

There is nothing wrong with the process, but instead, its the people calling the shots. NYC has been doing quite well way before these hacks came into office and power, and we can't stifle decades of economic growth, housing additions all of a sudden. The current city administration needs to go, and I hope the voters try something new.

Under Bloomberg, the city was great. Under DeBlasio, in the beginning, it was okay... but now... now it seems like a mockery, with a mayor that is to busy striving to get less than 5% of the vote, which he will get, if not less. He's pulling a Chris Christie, and abandoning the city for his own selfish interests.
A simple solution would be to increase property taxes on the neighborhood by the amount of the new revenue killed. I am sure these few NIMBY loudmouths would be driven away real quick.
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Old Posted Oct 21, 2019, 4:40 PM
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It all starts from the top. I don't think increasing costs is the solution, but decreasing them all the while providing the environment to make developers profit. Developers want more units, especially if the market is there. We need to increase the FAR (would be nice if they got rid of it), increase zoning, and limit the power of the community to dictate and fight absurd things like height or complaining about the units being to high.

I am for affordable housing, and developers would be more inclined to build them if they can recoup the costs via market rate units. The caps we have on units or density are underwhelming for the city. We should have 1000-3000 unit towers sprouting like weeds, with affordable components.

It could be done. NYC is not aggressive enough with housing, and it all stems from the leadership.

If the city provides developers with the sandbox to build as they desire, and encourages high units to aid in the housing demand or pushes for initiatives, they will build it, but they can't be strangled doing so.
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