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Old Posted Nov 8, 2019, 1:42 PM
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___________________________________________________________________________________Downtown ADJ. - Salt Lake City International Airport Update Contd...

Originally Posted by SLCPolitico View Post

Construction progress update photo


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Old Posted Nov 8, 2019, 2:21 PM
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New Salt Lake airport will have art everywhere — even in the restrooms

By Lee Davidson, The Salt Lake Tribune - https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics...-lake-airport/

TV cameras focused, still photographers started snapping photos and reporters pulled out notebooks as Salt Lake City International Airport Director Bill Wyatt walked to a podium Friday.

“This, I suppose by any measure, is quite an unusual event: unveiling art for the bathrooms” for the new $3.6 billion airport scheduled to open Sept. 15, he said.

Indeed, the airport actually held a news conference to show off mural art for its new restrooms. Officials say this shows a dedication to details and comfort that should make the new airport experience stand out for millions of travelers.

The airport showed the first 20 new paintings by local and national artists that will become what it calls “whimsy wall” murals stretching the length of new restrooms.

Mayor Jackie Biskupski said plans for art throughout the new airport were incorporated from initial designs, rather than being added after construction is nearly complete.

“This is done in part to ensure that this airport — wherever you are — is visually appealing and tells the unique story of who we are as Utahns,” she said. “One of those unexpected places is the restrooms, which will serve millions of travelers each year.”

Chosen paintings will include everything from a sunset on the Great Salt Lake to abstract art about the feeling of accelerating and decelerating, clouds, birds, wildflowers, books, rainbows, American Indian art, deserts and service dogs.

Utah artist Trent Call attended Friday to inspect how a small abstract painting he made — inspired by ancient Lake Bonneville — had been digitally supersized, placed on vinyl and stretched along a restroom wall.

What was it like being at a news conference to show his art in a restroom? “It’s definitely a first,” he said.

The Salt Lake Tribune) Daniel Ray Everett's piece Whimsical Birds of Paradise, at a news conference showcase


Unfortunately for him, his art is in a women’s restroom — so he can’t visit it once the airport opens. “It’s OK, I got some good photos,” he said. Call added that he truly enjoys seeing it supersized because that helps the feeling he tried to depict of being covered by Lake Bonneville, which once submerged the airport area.

“The art really pops,” Wyatt said. “It just adds a dimension of power to the bathroom that otherwise is just kind of industrial space.”

Wyatt said officials spent a lot of time refining plans for restrooms because, well, visitors will spend a lot of time there and often form opinions of airport by their restrooms.

“We absolutely have to get that right,” he said. “Typically for a hub airport, the first and last thing you probably do is use one of the restrooms.”

In the current airport — which serves 25 million passengers a year but was designed for only 10 million — Wyatt says far too few restrooms exist and they are constantly crowded.

The new airport will not have that problem. “Passengers will never be more than 150 feet from a bathroom,” Wyatt said, adding it will have 26 banks of them eventually in gate areas.

“We overachieved, especially in the women’s restrooms. There are more stalls than required, even by code — and substantially more than are in the men’s rooms,” he said.

Stalls will be extra-long to accommodate baggage inside. They will have hooks to hang clothes if people want to change. Doors will have no cracks to help increase privacy, and stalls are tall.

Restrooms will have two banks of stalls, to allow closing one side for cleaning without closing the entire room. Men’s and Women’s rooms will have baby changing areas. Each women’s restroom will have free feminine hygiene products and a room for breastfeeding.

“Usually if an airport has one [room for breastfeeding] they are considered to have really knocked it out of the park. We’ll have 26,” Wyatt said.

He said all the little details add up to a good experience overall.

“So maybe when people are flying from Sacramento to Washington and are deciding whether to connect in Denver or Salt Lake, they’ll say, ‘I’ll go through Salt Lake,’” he said.

“Salt Lake City truly is building the nation’s premier 21st century airport,” Biskupski said. “Our teams have not simply focused on the customer convenience. They have also prioritized traveler experience and enjoyment of this facility.”

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Old Posted Nov 9, 2019, 2:43 PM
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Southern Metro Updates - Provo breaks ground for new $40 million municipal airport terminal

Pictured, southern sector of Salt Lake City's greater CSA of the Wasatch Front. Looking West/Southwest from the eastern foothills of 12,000 foot peaks across Utah Valley with Utah Lake in the background.

By Felicia Martinez - For The Deseret News - https://www.deseret.com/utah/2019/11...rport-terminal

PROVO — The city broke ground Wednesday on a $40 million-plus terminal at the Provo Municipal Airport.

The 100,000-square-foot facility will feature four gates, a baggage claim and Transportation Security Administration stations. The structure will be configured so it could be expanded to 10 gates.

In addition to making it more convenient for travelers, Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, who attended Wednesday’s ceremony with Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi and other state and county leaders, said the new terminal will offer more options for travel
and business.

”This changes everything, so it’s not just Utah County, it’s a whole bunch of rural Utah. Unless you’re close enough to St. George, this really is the best option for so many of us,” Cox said.

An artist’s rendering of the new terminal at the Provo Municipal Airport. MHTN Architects

“It’s been a long time coming,” Gleason said, adding that Utah Valley’s growth projections are “through the roof,” so the terminal can do nothing but help alleviate pressure on I-15 and the Point of the Mountain.

According to a study by University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, Utah County is expected to claim 27.8% of Utah’s population by 2065, only over 1% less than Salt Lake County’s projected 29.1%.

Funding from the project will come from an estimated $8 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration, about $19 million in dedicated funds from the city, $4.3 million from Utah County, as well as $9 million in existing bond money
approved during the last legislative session. Officials say it will not affect residents’ taxes.

The new terminal could bring in an annual economic impact equivalent to $15 million, according a news release from the city last year. The influx of flights, hotel stays, car rentals and jobs will boost the economy.

The terminal is expected to be completed in December 2021.

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Old Posted Dec 17, 2019, 9:54 PM
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_________________________________________________________________________JetBlue founder David Neeleman to base new airline in Salt Lake City

Edward Russell - https://thepointsguy.com/news/jetblu...ake-city-moxy/


JetBlue Airlines and Azul founder David Neeleman will base his next airline venture in Salt Lake City as he returns to his aviation roots.

Breeze Aviation, the name of the corporation — but not necessarily the brand — that will own Neeleman’s new airline, set up shop in Salt Lake City, according to a Dec. 12 statement from the Utah Governor’s Office of
Economic Development. The Utah capital will be the headquarters for the airline, though not necessarily a hub.

Dubbed by many in the press as “Moxy” — the codename for Neeleman’s project — the new carrier hopes to begin carrying passengers in either late 2020 or early 2021. The airline will launch with used Embraer E190s
from Azul, before shifting to new Airbus A220s that begin arriving in 2021.

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However, the new carrier will may not end being called by the name Moxy, which is already used by Marriott for its millennial-focused hotel chain. Neeleman similarly called JetBlue “New Air” in the press prior to unveiling
the JetBlue name in 1999.

Neeleman’s new airline plans to fly point-to-point routes between underserved markets, bypassing major hubs like Atlanta or Chicago. However, where and when specifically is not yet known.

How Neeleman plans to launch the new venture in a year also remains to be seen. Recent attempts to start new carriers in the U.S. have been fraught with lengthy waits for approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration.
Some turned to leveraging or buying an existing airline’s operating certificate, but with little success.

Even Hawaiian Airlines, when it launched its regional subsidiary Ohana by Hawaiian in 2014, took nearly a year longer than planned due to a longer-than-expected approvals process.

Related: JetBlue founder may launch new U.S. startup ‘Moxy’ in 2020

Neeleman’s decision to land in Salt Lake City is a return home for him. Utah is where he got his start in the airline industry working, and then running, Morris Air until the carrier was sold to Southwest Airlines in 1994.

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Old Posted Dec 18, 2019, 12:14 AM
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Be nice if his new airline would provide a direct flight between Birmingham-Shuttlesworth and MSP.
SSP Alabama Metros: Birmingham (City Compilation) - Huntsville - Mobile - Montgomery - Tuscaloosa - Daphne-Fairhope - Decatur

SSP Alabama Universities: Alabama - UAB - Alabama State
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Old Posted Dec 18, 2019, 11:55 PM
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I'd believe when I see it. I was hoping they considering SLC hub again. it won't be affected.
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Old Posted Jan 16, 2020, 11:49 PM
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Update - Downtown Adj. - New Salt Lake City International Airport Project Becomes A $4.1 Billion Dollar Project.

By Lee Davidson - The Salt Lake Tribune - https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics...alt-lake-city/

The price tag on the new Salt Lake City International Airport has flown upward by another half-billion dollars and now stands at $4.1 billion.

The Airport Advisory Board discussed reasons behind that on Wednesday, as it also received an update on a new master plan that is looking at long-term needs — even after the new airport is completed.

Officials said the increase comes largely from facilities that have been added or expanded to handle extra growth that has occurred since the new airport was initially planned. That includes such things as a vastly expanded Sky Club requested by Delta Air Lines, bigger areas for customs to handle more international flights and higher tech equipment to speed security screening.
These improvements have been talked about for more than a year as they were incorporated into designs. But their combined budget impact had not been talked about widely.

Bill Wyatt, executive director of the airport, said because of responsibility to bondholders on the project, the increase was first discussed with bond-rating companies in October — prior to the regularly scheduled issuance of bonds for the project.

The Airport Advisory Board was then told, and he said the Salt Lake City Council later approved the increases.

The higher costs will be covered by user fees paid by airlines and their passengers — not through local taxes — and will include some facilities requested by the airlines.

The airport was designed to handle about 10 million passengers a year, but now serves about 26 million annually. The new airport — with a new terminal, two concourses, garage and other facilities —
is being built alongside existing facilities without interrupting operations. Its first phase is scheduled to open in September.

At groundbreaking, the first phase was expected to cost $1.8 billion. Other work was added for a second phase that is also underway and includes a long-planned second concourse...The extra additions now bring it up to $4.1 billion.

Also, planners already are looking at long-term needs after the new airport is completed. Those include lengthening one of its major runways to handle larger aircraft expected to fly nonstop to Asia; reworking alignment of taxiways and runways to prevent more delays as operations expand; and obtaining and preserving more land for another runway.

“We’re pretty much concluding the work of the last master plan” by building the new airport, Wyatt said.

Steve Domino, senior planner for RS&H, the consultant working on the master plan for the next 20 years, outlined some of the increases in demand and the problems they may create. For example, in 2017 the airport served 23 million passengers a year. That is now up to 26 million a year. In 20 years, that number is expected to hit 38 million, ...probably more.

In 2017, the airport had 325,000 takeoffs and landings. In 20 years, that is expected to increase to 435,000-plus, Domino said.

The share of passengers making connections at the airport Is expected to grow from 39% to 47% as Delta is expected to increase its hub operations.

Even with a new airport that is designed to handle far more passengers, “As demand increases, the potential for delay increases as well,” Domino said. He adds the master plan has tried to identify probable demand increases and address potential problems and bottlenecks.

It found one with current designs that often requires aircraft to cut across active runways to reach other runways. With more takeoffs and landings, that may create delays. So planners are adding some “end run” taxiways that cut around the end of runways instead of across them. One proposal would go through a closed airport golf course that some have hoped to reopen.

Also, Delta Air Lines has talked openly about adding nonstop flights from Salt Lake City to a hub in South Korea after the new airport opens. But Domino said research shows that current runways are too short for the largest aircraft that officials likely would hope to use for such flights. The optimal length, he said, would be 14,500 feet long (2.75 miles) — which may require an extension of several thousand feet, depending on which of the three main runways may be expanded.

Also, the major runways now are not exactly parallel — meaning glide paths to or away from them sometimes intersect in ways such that operations on one runway can delay flights on another.

Domino said the master plan is looking at how, when and whether to realign those runways to make their operations more independent to avoid or reduce delays.

The airport also is looking at where it may want to buy or preserve land for future facilities. Domino said more may be needed to the north, south and west... — Domino said it may be wise for the airport to protect an area to the west of the airport for that.

“The airport will always be here,” he said. “We need to plan not only for the next 20 years, but beyond,” including allowing that possible runway...

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