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Old Posted Jun 19, 2020, 6:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
Lol no you wouldn't cars are parked wherever they are allowed to park.

Apparently you've never been to those places.




I think some of you base your understanding of cities off of some sort of fantasy.
Atlanta examples:


Screenshot Archive
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Old Posted Jun 19, 2020, 7:51 PM
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Originally Posted by thoughtcriminal View Post
Philly "relatively unhealthy"-? WTF does that mean?
LOL, yeah, for real. What exactly does that mean? Philly is slow growing, but still growing. Is that what he means? I'm not sure.

I mean, there's some areas of blight in the city (parts of North and West Philly), but aside from that, it has to be one of the most pound for pound urban cities after NYC and MAYBE Chi-town. I think if Philly was entirely built out with no urban blight and no empty lots in North and West Philly, many may consider it the second or third most urban in the country. Philly's urbanity extends for much longer than Boston or San Francisco, but with Boston and San Fran more gentrified and redeveloped at this point, I would say they stay more consistent longer than Philly currently does.
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Old Posted Jun 19, 2020, 8:12 PM
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Originally Posted by park123 View Post
Regarding Philly I just got the sense that huge areas of blight are adjascent to the center city, while in Chicago there's more of a physical separation between the good areas and bad areas. Tale of 2 cities thing in Chicago.

I also get the sense that urban Chicago's white collar economy is a lot larger and more diverse than in Philly. But these are just impressions.
The only REAL area of blight adjacent to Center City Philadelphia is Callowhill, which is an old industrial part of the city that's just starting to revitalize.

Aside from that? Where do you see the blighted areas? Just for reference, Center City Philadelphia is generally described as Spring Garden Street to South Street, River to River.

Heading South from Center City, you hit the South Philly neighborhoods of Graduate Hospital/Southwest Center City, Queen Village, Bella Vista and Hawthorne. - all well established, fantastic urban neighborhoods at this point. The next ring of neighborhoods out from that are Pennsport (established), Dickinson Narrows or Dickinson Square West (gentrifying), Passyunk Square (established), Newbold (established), Point Breeze (gentrifying), Grays Ferry (just starting to gentrify). So, you gotta go at least two miles South to hit areas that haven't fully gentrified or aren't established. The rest of the neighborhoods on South from there (Marconi Plaza, Whitman, Lower Moyamensing, Packer Park, Melrose, Girard Estates, etc. are all healthy established neighborhoods.

Heading West from Center City, you hit the economic powerhouse of University City, and surrounding established or gentrified neighborhoods of Powelton Village, West Powelton, Walnut Hill, Spruce Hill, Squirrel Hill, Cedar Park and Garden Court. After that, you head into some more blighted neighborhoods of West Philly, until you get to the suburbs, or the Overbrook Park/Overbrook Farms, Wynnefield/Wynnefield Heights section of West Philly which are nice, established neighborhoods that border the Main Line.

Heading North from Center City, you hit Spring Garden (established), Fairmount (established), Francisville (gentrifying), Spring Arts (gentrifying), Poplar (gentrifying), Northern Liberties (established). The next ring of neighborhoods from there are Brewerytown (gentrifying), Sharswood (blighted but just starting to gentrify), Templetown (pretty well established at this point, but still gentrifying in some areas of the neighborhood), Yorktown (established), Ludlow (gentrifying), Olde Kensington (gentrifying), Fishtown (established). AFTER THAT is when you head into some seedy and blighted sections of North Philly. So again, a good two miles at least, past Templetown/Temple University area until you head into some really blight parts of North Philly.

So, there's at least a two mile ring around Center City until you hit any blight. So unless you're referring to Callowhill/Spring Arts area, which is literally the only area adjacent to Center City that has some blight, I'm not sure what you mean. Philly and Chicago are very similar in this regard. Chicago's obviously a larger city than Philly, but I don't see too many dissimilarities between the two at all.

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Old Posted Jun 20, 2020, 5:03 PM
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Originally Posted by badrunner View Post
Why would I do that? Nobody was arguing that Koreatown is more urban than South Philly or Queens. I just found it hilarious that you tried to pass off that streetview image as a representative sample.

btw South Philly has some of the worst ugliest urbanity in the entire Northeast. It's my go-to example for illustrating that urban doesn't always equal good. https://goo.gl/maps/n8eT21dNtAsMF8Cc7 and that streetview is NOT cherry-picked. It's a pretty spot on representation of what most of South Philly looks like.
I like Koreatown, but let's not act like it's some urban mecca.

South Philly is a pretty large and diverse place. There are some blocks that I don't enjoy, but there are sections of South Philly which are some of THE BEST urbanity in the entire country.

Graduate Hospital

Queen Village

Bella Vista


Passyunk Square

East Passyunk Crossing

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