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Old Posted May 17, 2020, 6:22 PM
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Coronavirus Science & Technology - Worldwide

Global research on coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

How wearables can assist in curbing spread of covid-19

New study suggests COVID-19 may become seasonal; countries must continue physical distancing until 2022
Explained: How will the coronavirus pandemic play out? Some possible scenarios, from research

Cytokine Storms May Be Fueling Some COVID Deaths
Specialized Proteins May Halt the Severe Cytokine Storms Seen in COVID-19 Patients

Early Data Suggests People Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Other Autoimmune Drugs Still Susceptible to COVID-19
Hydroxychloroquine in the management of critically ill patients with COVID-19: the need for an evidence base

Early peek at data on Gilead coronavirus drug suggests patients are responding to treatment
What is remdesivir? Gilead Sciences drug reportedly shows promise treating coronavirus

COVID-19 patients’ response to plasma gives hope

Google Cloud Healthcare API focused on interoperability, during pandemic and beyond
Google unveils tech to make it easier for doctors and patients to share health info

Coronavirus may be aided by body's own immune response to enter more cells: Study

Use of hydroxychloroquine shows no benefit for treating COVID-19 patients: Report

Can genome sequencing unravel the Covid-19 riddle?

Chinese medics may be injected with newly developed COVID-19 vaccine by year-end: Health official
Coronavirus vaccines: An overview of where we stand

US government experiments with simulations to show the coronavirus can 'quickly' be destroyed by SUNLIGHT, but notes the results are yet to be proven
HIGHER TEMPS CUT VIRUS LIFE: William Bryan on how virus survives

What does this mean - roam in sunlight without breaking lockdown rules. Can do suryanamaskar to scortching Sun. Alas, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol or propan-2-ol or isopropanol or 2-propanol) is not drinkable - but can be used for cleaning hands & face with care!

Deep Dive: COVID-19 Spurs Biometric Innovations For A Contactless Global Society

Post COVID-19, World Will See Surge In Deep Tech Such As Augmented And Virtual Reality

A cheap paper device is being developed in UK to detect Covid-19 cases from waste water

Virus could cling to air pollutants
COVID-19 gene detected in air pollutants: Study

If sunlight is able to kill them then during summer they may not be able to travel long distances unless helped by wind. Let us hope will be eliminate virus before rainy season.

Covid-19 may spread via speech, says study

Preference for Collaborative and Open COVID Innovation and Creativity

Coronavirus global updates, April 25: WHO says “no evidence” that recovered patients cannot be reinfected

Covid-19 has blown apart the myth of Silicon Valley innovation

WHO, global partners join forces to develop COVID-19 technologies

Covid warrants global unity for innovation

NASA Contributes Expertise, Ingenuity to COVID-19 Fight

Robots that disinfect surfaces with UV light to join Covid-19 fight

Recovered patients may not be immune to Covid-19: WHO

Explained: Where does Covid-19 virus first strike? Study pinpoints two cell types in nose
How Coronavirus enters the body: Here’s what researchers have found
Coronavirus attacks lining of blood vessels all over the body, Swiss study finds
Coronavirus can infect cells of the intestine, and replicate there too!
First detailed images of coronavirus show how deadly bug multiplies in the gut

Expect new innovations from global grad show to fend off Covid-19 threat

Opinion: How social enterprises are playing a role in COVID-19 response

Tech Innovation assisting Countries to combat COVID-19

New Covid-19 debate: How does coronavirus enter our body and can it transmit sexually?
Coronavirus can transmit through sex, say Chinese researchers in shocking finding

UK Scientists Plan to Expand Human Trials of Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

Hotter and humid weather may not stop COVID-19: Study

Could Vitamin D deficiency be harmful to COVID-19 patients?

Intellectual discourse Post-COVID 19: Technology catalyzing how to research and disseminate

Triple antiviral combo shows early promise: Study
New antiviral drug combo shows promise against Covid-19: Study

Covid-19 vaccine: The search for a coronavirus cure

Corona research round-up: New antibody test, mother's milk; more

Coronavirus: 60 to 70 % population will get Covid-19, if vaccine not developed in 2 yrs, says US professor

Covid-19 may have originated from recombined bat, pangolin coronaviruses

Saliva test could boost Covid-19 detection

Priced at $5 and taking just minutes, new antigen test in US could be Covid ‘game-changer’

Coronavirus: Here's why men are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection

Oxford University's Covid-19 vaccine test on monkeys shows promise

COVID-19 vaccine current status: Here are the 9 top contenders for coronavirus vaccines

COVID-19 accelerating investments in cloud, AI and cybersecurity: Microsoft India President

US Researchers Find Antimicrobial Coating Kills Coronavirus For 90 Days

Screen COVID-19 patients for blood clotting abnormalities: Study

India could avoid 72 per cent of COVID-19 cases after lockdown by closing red light areas: Yale and Harvard study

WHO backs COVID-19 vaccine trials that deliberately infect participants

Study shows cats can transmit coronavirus to each other without showing symptoms

Coronavirus crisis: The Race for a Cure

New model to estimate impact of interventions in controlling COVID-19 pandemic: Study

Indian-origin minister unveils new multi-million-pound vaccine facility in UK
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Old Posted May 20, 2020, 3:52 AM
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Border Blockade (Kerala)

Border Blockade Issue (Kerala)

Kasaragod patients’ insistence on choice of hospitals puts DK officials in a fix

Go to doc in Kasaragod before rushing to M’luru, says expert

Seven who crossed State border booked, sent to quarantine

Kerala family take the sea route to beat Mangaluru blockade

Less clarity on Kerala-Karnataka border brings out reality of interdependence for survey officials

Kerala also erects check-post on border with Karnataka at Talapady

Coastal Karnataka ensures supply of essentials to north Kerala amidst lockdown

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan's Kannada tweet on Basava Jayanti wins hearts

16 migrants including pregnant woman stuck at Talapady

Home’s near but far even after walking, hitchhiking from Maharashtra
Keralites walk, hitchhike trucks to reach border, but entry to state only for those with cars

A day after becoming COVID-19 free, Kasaragod reports four new cases
Officially, Kasaragod has a reception centre only at Thalappady on the National Highway 66 to receive non-resident Keralites. But stringers working for vernacular newspapers said vehicles coming from Bengaluru preferred Mudur route as it was shorter. Vehicles entering Kasaragod from Mudur could head for Adoor, and then to Palanchi, Bethurpara, Kundamkuzhi and reach Poinachi on the National Highway. From Poinachi, one could go either to Kanhangad for Kasaragod. Also, two days ago, Melparamba police saw four fishermen -- three from Kollam and one from Marthandam in Kanyakumari district -- walking on the railway track.
Heavy rush at Talapady check-post
Ban on entry of unregistered Keralites through Talapady

Locals allege railway employees violating quarantine rules, seek action
The residents near the railway stations also allege that majority of railway employees especially from Kerala commute to Kerala regularly to save rent. For this, they follow the practice of completing their split duty in a single shift by working for long hours. Then they go to their hometowns for two days rest without mentioning leave in attendance register. In similar fashion, many employees who went to Kerala had got stuck there due to the unexpected lockdown. When the administration noticed the absence of employees for several days, an enquiry was conducted. As per rule, railway employees should reside within a radius of five kilometres from the railway station. After preliminary enquiry, a few who went to their hometowns without applying leave or informing higher officials were instructed to join for work. Fearing suspension and action, many returned from Kerala illegally. Several of them returned in trains which left from Kerala to north Indian states carrying migrant workers.
Youths from either side might lose jobs due to Kerala border closure
Several concerns which had stopped functioning because of lockdown rules, have now begun operations with minimum staff. The companies having employees from the neighbouring states have asked them to report for duties. People from Kerala working in Mangaluru have to report for work and likewise, people from Dakshina Kannada working in Kerala are under pressure to re-join work. When the borders will open is uncertain as yet.
Karnataka govt employees too stuck in Kerala

Migrant workers turn edgy, hit rail track to reach Mangaluru, sent back

Kerala students worried as Karnataka forgets to include them in exam plants

Bride stuck at border during 'Muhurtham'; couple gets married at dusk, goes in quarantine
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