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Old Posted Yesterday, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Austin1971 View Post
By my math Jazz began service on May 18th. Total seats available for the month of May on the route was 2100 seats, with 1648 passengers flown for a load factor of 78%. Pretty good I think.
Don't you have to divide the total number by 2? Otherwise, the BA flight had about 380 passengers going bith ways, on a 787..

@Digit: that's weird. Maybe Flightaware is wrong. I'll check by the airport someday to see what they're sending . (I recall seeing that frosty white color on a CRJ nearby once last month).
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Old Posted Yesterday, 12:51 AM
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Air Canada Jazz flies the so-called CRJ705 on this route, which is similarly sized to a CRJ900 but with more spacious seating equivalent to what a CRJ700 would hold in a standard configuration.


That might explain how various sources get it right and wrong.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 3:28 AM
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The 705 and 900 are basically the same air frame dimension wise. Only difference is certified seating capacity, 76 for 705 and 86 for 900. I think this was done to get around union scope clauses. Not sure if it worked.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 6:05 PM
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AAS will be doing a big story on the port in the next few days. Updates and future projects.

Also inquired with CBP about international service. KE coming has all but evaporated and nothing new on any other pending international service.

Taxiway Alpha should be opening soon and asbestos remediation in the RCCF has begun.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 6:52 PM
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Originally Posted by DoubleC View Post
Those numbers are impressive. These are numbers relative to last May correct?

Virgin's routes to DAL sure beefed up their passenger numbers.

Would a 3 gate terminal suffice for Allegiant and Frontier expansion though?
Yea they are relative to last May. I'm guessing they are looking at those numbers as an indicator. Would make sense to see added routes. Of course there are other factors that come into play but it's definitely a good sign.

I'm not suprised about no new international route additions in the near term. It's possible any future announcements would be around the time or just after the east terminal expansion is complete. Having said that I still think Austin is closely being monitored by multiple carriers. Given that BA is doing well and the continued overall growth of the port it's only a matter of time. We just have to be patient.

I know a couple who will be using the Austin-Toronto route to get to Europe. I'll ask him to relay how the flight is.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 8:32 PM
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Passenger count up 8.5% for the first five months is awesome. If that continues, ABIA will be inching really close to 12 million passengers for 2015 (~11.63 to be more specific - at an 8.5% growth rate). A mere 3 million short of the to-be-constructed expansion's overall capacity.

With three huge months still forthcoming, there is a chance that 8.5% figure could grow even higher.
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