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Old Posted Oct 13, 2011, 3:34 PM
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The Ultimate City Skylines Thread

Six continents, over 100 cities, what else needs to be said?

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivore

Abidjan by Night by Cedric Favero, on Flickr

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Skyline by Staeiou, on Flickr

Cape Town, South Africa

City Skyline by nixiepixiez, on Flickr

Durban, South Africa

Durban Skyline by tys597, on Flickr

Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare by overlandingafrica, on Flickr

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, Gauteng: skyline at sunset by thandaafrica, on Flickr

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos Skyline by txocalot, on Flickr

Nairobi, Kenya

nairobi skyline by rbnbobo, on Flickr

Pretoria, South Africa

skyline by bilwander, on Flickr

ASIA - Includes the Middle East
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Skyline ... by abadawi, on Flickr

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Skyline by I'm Honey Bee, on Flickr

Beirut, Lebanon

city of beirut by denn0t, on Flickr

Beijing, China

CBD Beijing by Jonas in China, on Flickr

Busan, South Korea

busan skyline by puny_paula, on Flickr

Chongquing, China

Chongqing by CWOT, on Flickr

Dalian, China

China - Dalian skyline by joostwijermars, on Flickr

Dhaka, Bangladesh

skyline by Bored Nex, on Flickr

Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar skyline by night by 80sChiyuld, on Flickr

Dubai, UAE

Downtown Dubai during the day by yuggy15, on Flickr

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou at Dusk Time, Guangdong, China _HXT2067 by ohmytrip, on Flickr

Hangzhou, China

Modern Hangzhou city by daliet, on Flickr

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Skyline at Night by tomruss, on Flickr

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Saigon skyline @ twilight by daihocsi, on Flickr

Incheon, South Korea

110903_songdo_012 by SJ.Kim, on Flickr

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbuls Skyline by chris klasen 2, on Flickr

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Skyline by eazy traveler, on Flickr

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Balad, downtown skyline, Jeddah by findsriram, on Flickr

Koahsiung, Taiwan

Kaohsiung Metropolitan by hiroshiken, on Flickr

Kobe, Japan

Kobe Cityscape by KyokoHunterOver9000, on Flickr

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KL Tower and KLCC by dens|ee, on Flickr

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait City Skyline by © Saleh AlRashaid / www.Salehphotography.net, on Flickr

Manama, Bahrain

Manama Skyline by Mohamad Ramadan, on Flickr

Makati, Phillippines

Makati Skyline 28047 by vernes, on Flickr

Mumbai, India

Mumbai skyline by Roland Bogush, on Flickr

Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya Skyline by Brittain and Asami, on Flickr

Nanjing, China

Nanjing Skyline by mlq4296, on Flickr

Osaka, Japan

Osaka skyline by MeDennis, on Flickr

Penang, Malaysia

Gurney Skyline by I'm A Small Potato, on Flickr

Qingdao, China

Qingdao skyline by ToGa Wanderings, on Flickr

Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia

Cityscapes | Riyadh city by Sarah Abdul_aziz, on Flickr

Seoul, South Korea

Skyline of Seoul by Seoul Korea, on Flickr

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Singapore Skyline by Day by lemoncat1, on Flickr

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Skyline by RickyLiew, on Flickr

Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen skyline at night by greghulse, on Flickr

Taichung, Taiwan

Hometown / Taichung by JDHuang, on Flickr

Tianjin, China

Tianjin from Tianjin TV Tower by Sarmu, on Flickr

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei skyline at night by max.warp, on Flickr

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo - Shinjuku Skyline by Rolandito., on Flickr

Wuhan, China

Wuhan City - dusk by Thomas Won, on Flickr

Xiamen, China

Xiamen Skyline by Lydia Schrandt, on Flickr

Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama_skyline by Devon_T, on Flickr

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam skyline by pieter bruin, on Flickr

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Skyline by David Chacobo, on Flickr

Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm skyline by Maraes, on Flickr

Belgrade, Serbia

DSCF1625 by marc_harbourne, on Flickr

Berlin, Germany

Berlin at Dusk by Ipoh 子, on Flickr

Birmingham, England

IMG_1117 by Amin_AA, on Flickr

Brussels, Belgium

red sky by zweetsmoel, on Flickr

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest High Rises by Raiden2, on Flickr

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt skyline at night (1) by super_timbo, on Flickr

The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague city centre by Oxidiser, on Flickr

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Cityscape by Sergey Kovalyov, on Flickr

Liverpool, England

liverpool skyline by exacta2a, on Flickr

London, England

Untitled by m-c-84, on Flickr

Madrid, Spain

Skyline Madrid by Dani MetaZ, on Flickr

Manchester, England

Manchester Skyline by rwbthatisme, on Flickr

Milan, Italy

Milano Skyline by Obliot, on Flickr

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco cityscape by Anchorage, on Flickr

Moscow, Russia

Moscow City Skyline by Daniel Skoog, on Flickr

Naples, Italy

Napoli Notturna by Apollyon Sun, on Flickr

Oslo, Norway

Oslo by night by CZtheDude, on Flickr

Paris France - La Defense

La Défense by urb_mtl, on Flickr

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam by night by PlannedCity, on Flickr

Talinn, Estonia

Tallinn Skyline by ** Maurice **, on Flickr

Vienna, Austria

Vienna by photo.architect, on Flickr

Vilinius, Lithuania

Vilnius Skyline by moacirdsp, on Flickr

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Skyline by hYp_85, on Flickr


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque Skyline by Hesweptlime, on Flickr

Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Skyline - Ken Graham Photography by ACVB PR, on Flickr

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta_Skyline_from_Buckhead by coka_koehler, on Flickr

Austin, Texas

Austin Skyline from Zilker Park by Vagary Enterprises, on Flickr

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Skyline by satinonline2, on Flickr

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Alabama skyline by CK'sPhoto, on Flickr

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston skyline by fabioc79, on Flickr

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Skyline at Sunset by GeorgeThomasApfel, on Flickr

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Skyline by joshxiv, on Flickr

Charlotte, North Carolina

Downtown Charlotte Skyline by Tony Shi., on Flickr

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Skyline by Denise Cross, on Flickr

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati_skyline_9-3-09 013 by Elkidogz, on Flickr

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, from Edgewater Park by ronnie44052, on Flickr

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Skyline by LSykora, on Flickr

Corpus Christi, Texas

Downtown Corpus Christi by Zunk Funk, on Flickr

Dallas, Texas

Dallas Skyline by maconahey, on Flickr

Denver, Colorado

Downtown Denver at Night #3 by Deep Fried Photography, on Flickr

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines Skyline by Don3rdSE, on Flickr

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Skyline by Sagittariuss, on Flickr

Edmonton, Alberta

edmonton skyline by itroy, on Flickr

El Paso, Texas

Downtown El Paso Skyline by Mike Hardiman, on Flickr

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth at night by Lightning Bug Creek, on Flickr

Guadalajara, Mexico

Skyline de Guadalajara by Hotu Matua, on Flickr

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Skyline by Ian MacLeod, on Flickr

Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton Skyline_49 by Ray Love, on Flickr

Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford skyline by nivek29, on Flickr

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu by Night by Lanc3, on Flickr

Houston, Texas

Houston Skyline by DanGillaspia, on Flickr

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Skyline at Night by Heavy Petting Zoo, on Flickr

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Skyline from across St. Johns River by StevenM_61, on Flickr

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Skyline by Cassaw [Creative], on Flickr

Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville Skyline by BuyMyDrinkADrink, on Flickr

Las Vegas, Nevada

VEGA$ by jderden77, on Flickr

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock Skyline by sidturner, on Flickr

Long Beach, California

Long beach skyline by Bill Grolz, on Flickr

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles skyline by asmythie, on Flickr

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Skyline by triceratopscowboy, on Flickr

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Skyline from Mississippi River by Dave BNSKI, on Flickr

Mexico City, Mexico

HDR Mexico Cityscape by @skrd, on Flickr

Miami, Florida

Miami Skyline Dawn HDR by mav217, on Flickr

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Calatrava and Milwaukee skyline at night by Nate0402, on Flickr

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis Skyline (_DSC6950a) by markwhitt, on Flickr

Monterrey, Mexico

Skyline desde Puerta del Sol by Hotu Matua, on Flickr

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal Skyline by phil404, on Flickr

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Skyline by cbgb_chopper, on Flickr

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans skyline by avoir, on Flickr

New York City, New York

Midtown Manhattan Skyline @ NIght by cris restan, on Flickr

Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk Skyline by ptpav8r, on Flickr

Oakland, California

Oakland skyline by uncle bartleby, on Flickr

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City by peggydavis66, on Flickr

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha Skyline by laughlinc, on Flickr

Orlando, Florida

Orlando Skyline by FafnerPhoto, on Flickr

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa Skyline by LHTP, on Flickr

Panama City, Panama

Skyline Panama City by elvatoloko, on Flickr

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly @ Dusk by Philly Stan, on Flickr

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Skyline by shannonsl, on Flickr

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Skyline by ChristophrHiestr, on Flickr

Portland, Oregon

03-05-2010(7777) by ruffellprefley, on Flickr

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, RI Skyline by riography, on Flickr

Raliegh, North Carolina

RAL.skyline.504 by ncsuadmissions, on Flickr

Regina, Saskatchewan

Wascanna Lake by LaughingGull, on Flickr

Reno, Nevada

Reno Skyline by EvelynVentrcek, on Flickr

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Skyline by JeepDawg, on Flickr

Rochester, New York

Rochester Skyline at Dusk by MightySlam, on Flickr

Sacramento, California

Sacramento Evening Skyline by innov8, on Flickr

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake skyline from the University Medical Center by CountyLemonade, on Flickr

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis skyline by satinonline2, on Flickr

St. Paul, Minnesota

St Paul from the High Bridge by Greg Benz Photography, on Flickr

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Skyline - Evening Glow by Jim | jld3 photography, on Flickr

San Diego, California

San Diego Skyline by zuctronic, on Flickr

San Francisco, California

san francisco in the dusk by dreamingyakker, on Flickr

San Jose, California

San Jose city skyline by Ozzie2645, on Flickr

Saskatoon, Sasketchewan

Saskatoon Skyline by Waz1983, on Flickr

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Skyline by craterdweller, on Flickr

Tampa, Florida

Tampa Skyline Night by Dshalock® the Libertarian Emperor of America, on Flickr

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Skyline Day by cr00kedfingers, on Flickr

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa Skyline II by vladxp, on Flickr

Tuscon, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona Skyline by ap0013, on Flickr

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver skyline by An Eagle in your Mind, on Flickr

Wichita, Kansas

wichita-skyline by pebbles patio, on Flickr

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Downtown by Alyssa Arnold, on Flickr

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Belo Horizonte by allert, on Flickr

Bogota, Columbia

Skyline - Bogotá, Colombia by jdar_90, on Flickr

Brasilia, Brazil

Brasília skyline by carlosoliveirareis, on Flickr

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Skyline by Diego3336, on Flickr

Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas de noche by boxccs, on Flickr

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena Skyline by J. Stephen Conn, on Flickr

La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia. La Paz.Skyline. El Prado. Explore 5 de febrero de 2010 by César Angel. Zaragoza, on Flickr

Lima, Peru

Lima at night by Ward Welvaert, on Flickr

Medellin, Colombia

Skyline de Medellín by Hotu Matua, on Flickr

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo Viejo // Old Montevideo by Alejandro Dagnino J., on Flickr

Quito, Ecuador

quito skyline, ecuador [IMG_0098] by marios savva, on Flickr

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

sunset over downtown Rio by moreno, on Flickr

Salvador, Brazil

Salvador skyline by Baruchale, on Flickr

Santiago, Chile

Santiago desde el funicular by Hotu Matua, on Flickr

Sao Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo at night by minimarie, on Flickr

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide Skyline by shots.beingfired, on Flickr

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Skyline by jemsweb, on Flickr

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane By Night by Peppergroyne, on Flickr

Darwin, Australia

Darwin's Changing Skyline January 2010 by kenhodge13, on Flickr

Gold Coast, Australia

Golden Glow by lazyevaluator, on Flickr

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Skyline at Dusk by lynnie86, on Flickr

Perth, Australia

Perth city by night by ScottDavis, on Flickr

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Skyline by haruspex, on Flickr

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington skyline by jenniferever27, on Flickr

How's that for a collection of skylines?

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wow, that's a lot of skylines!
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Old Posted Oct 18, 2011, 1:59 AM
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Very nice!
Well done!
Tons of cool skylines i never never knew existed.
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And that is that!
Click the x: _ _ X _ _!
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I saw over 100 red Xes.
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