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Old Posted Nov 15, 2019, 5:00 PM
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Originally Posted by BrianTH View Post
That was me! I love that stuff, and you are absolutely right.
Do you still have a link to the river map? I couldn't find it on Google.

It's one of those things that once you see it, you can't un-see it when looking at an aerial image of Pittsburgh.
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Old Posted Nov 15, 2019, 5:35 PM
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Originally Posted by mikebarbaro View Post
The current warehouse behind Allegheny Station on the North Shore is to become Eleven 06 condominiums. If I remember correctly it was supposed to become a hotel but I guess that fell through. I really like to rendering where The Esplanade towers are shown in the background. This is also a Piatt Sotheby project.
Zillow already shows the units for sale, along with additional pictures at this link.

Clicking on the pictures of the units leads to detailed information and floorplans.
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Old Posted Yesterday, 4:03 PM
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Originally Posted by eschaton View Post
3. Oxford also has the master plan for Three Crossings Phase 2 up for next week. The details of the master plan are not all that different than from earlier presentations. After The Stacks are finished, they are looking at another 450,000 square feet of office space in four buildings, 300 residential units in two buildings, and a 600-space parking garage. They are designing a new L-shaped street (termed Hopper Place) and a related plaza/open space in the heart of the new development. The next buildings to be constructed are the new 150,000 square foot office building by Hopper Plaza (discussed in more detail below) followed by the parking garage. The later phases - particularly the residential buildings - appear to still be subject to change.

4. At the same time Oxford is approaching the Commission with the master plan, it is also seeking approval for the next building within Three Crossings Phase 2 - the 150,000 square-foot office building mentioned above. The building is called 75 Hopper Place (presumably the intended address as well) and is a six-story, squarish structure. I honestly think the design is kinda bland and flat from Railroad Street, though it pops much more from the plaza. Still, I have no major issues with the structure.
Interesting info in the presentation about the future riverfront trail through this area. Since the RR owns the land along the riverfront, Oxford is essentially designing to accommodate trail users passing through their development. They intend for the Riverfront Plaza to be the entryway, and are designing the new Hopper Place to essentially be a publicly accessible woonerf to maintain mobility parallel to the river.

Another little tidbit, since Railroad Street is technically still a RR ROW, they aren’t allowed to build sidewalks. They are actually going to build them within the confines of their parcel rather than build them on what one would think would be city property along the actual street.

They didn’t have to do either of these things, kudos to Oxford for stepping up in this way.
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Old Posted Today, 2:18 PM
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Only slightly related to development, but the Post Gazette has a feature up on that little micro-neighborhood in North Oakland just to the west of the S Craig St business district, and how CMU has systematically bought up most of the remaining single family homes. The article focuses on a couple of the holdouts - all of which are old people, meaning whatever their secret master plan is for this area is likely inevitable.
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