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I didn't get a chance to check it out, but we did drive through there a few years back. I remember the view of their downtown being fairly impressive from the highway with the hills in the background.

I love this. Interesting and cute little intersection. It reminds me of the Universal lot where they shot Back to the Future. The whole downtown looks like an old movie set. Most of the time the land in these small towns is quite cheap. We were in Lockhart 2 weeks ago and we were talking with someone who lives there, and he said he bought the lot next to his house for just $3,500. I'm guessing there must have been a house on that lot that burned down at some point, because it was an old established neighborhood with houses dating back to the 20s at least. And the lot had a driveway in it as if there had been a house there. The neighborhood was a block from the courthouse and their grocery store was probably a 5 minute walk. And oh yes, there were big barbecue joints on that street.

I've always lived in Austin and it's mostly been big during that time, so small towns like that are kind of a curiosity to me, but I do prefer the city.

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