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Brownwood's Downtown

I was in Brownwood a couple weekends ago, and wandered into their downtown. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the old buildings and layout. Brownwood is a shell of its former glory, since Camp Bowie closed in 1946. Their population went from over 100,000 to about 19,000 today, and their downtown reflects that. Tons of empty or underutilzed buildings. It's unfortunate, really. They could have a very attractive town center.

I know this isn't Austin, and I understand if you want to move the thread. I just wanted to get some thoughts from the folks here.

I took a tour with Google Streetview.

Overhead of downtown Brownwood

Main St @ Anderson - A nice brick 2-story bldg, and a taller bldg in the background.

Lee @ Center - Attractive 5-story bldg

Lee @ Center - Looking across the street from the previous bldg...another nice 5-story bldg.

Center @ Baker - A closer look at the previous bldg.

Center @ East @ Mayes - Following down Center, you come to a fork with this beautiful bldg.

Lee @ Fisk - 13-story bldg, probably an old dorm or hotel.

Baker @ Brown - Love the old stonework.

Baker @ Brown - Looking to the left.

Baker @ Brown - Looking to the right. That 5-story bldg is the same we saw earlier with the green/teal boarded up windows on the 1st floor.

East @ Mayes - This little area really struck me in person. I like how this little bldg is right out in the middle of the street with alleys behind it. I like its shape too. Reminded me ever so slightly of old Quebec City. Maybe I'm crazy.

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