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I totally agree PHX31.

But in my opinion, the biggest mistake was destroying the Bunker Hill area.
Another hill, called Court Hill, was destroyed even earlier.
Court Hill bordered Bunker Hill to the north (center in the above photo).

The two hill-tops were popular around the turn of the century.
Each area was abundant in Victorian architecture,
and each sported their own funicular (inclined) railway.

If you look closely at the above photo, you can see Court Flight in the center.

Below is a photo of Court Flight (steepest of the two funiculars)
It's a bit hard to see....the funicular is in the center of the photo.


You can also see Court Flight in the photo posted by sopas_ej at post #172.
The funicular is in the upper left corner.

I'll dig up the numerous photos I have of Angel's Flight
(the more famous of the two).

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