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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
Yeah, it's called the Lindbergh Beacon. It was installed when City Hall was first constructed, but during WWII the beacon wasn't lit, in fact it was taken down some time after WWII and put in storage, and forgotten. When City Hall was restored and seismically strengthened in 2001, the beacon was found, restored and reinstalled. It's now only turned on for special occasions and is turned on during the Christmas season.
What was it with pre-WWII buildings & Lindbergh beacons? Chicago's Palmolive Building had one too, but was turned off because neighbors in the newer, taller towers around it complained it was shining in their windows at night.

Williams Tower at over 900 ft. has the advantage of being by far the tallest structure in the immediate area giving the beacon on top that much more visual impact being visible for at least 20-30 miles away on a clear night over Houston's flat coastal plains.
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