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[QUOTE=Danie;8730836]New York in the 1920's .


The 48 story Singer Sewing Machine building was sadly torn down in the late 1960s or early 1970s to be replaced with a newer skyscraper. One of the few 600'+ skyscrapers to ever be torn down. It was #3 in height in NYC right behind the Woolworth (792') and original Met Life tower (700') until the late 1920s. The domed top was classic. To the right of the Singer building in the lower picture is the gigantic block-like 40 story Equitable Building, which rose as a huge wall right from the sidewalk. It was instrumental in getting the law changed to allow for setbacks so some sunlight could reach the streets.

I would love to time travel back to the '20s. Paris, NYC, Chicago & L.A. to be specific. Watch Ruth & Gehrig in action. See Lindbergh take off from Roosevelt Field & the big Broadway Parade after. Mingle with the expats like Hemingway in Paris. See the Untouchables go after Capone. Watch the silent stars in L.A. Dance the Charleston with flappers. etc.

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