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Bunker hill noir filming locations found

in "Kiss me Deadly", Mike Hammer begins his search into the reason why Cloris Leachman's character was killed, his 1st stop is supposedly 127 flower street.

however, the house that he go's into, which is supposed to be the flower street address, has a great retaining wall entrance walkway from the street with an amazing labyrinth of stairs and verandas that Mike Hammer walks up. whenever i searched for a photo of the house on Flower Street, I could never find it.

i stumbled upon this photo which is definitely the house that is supposed to be the flower street address. The photo indicates that the house is located at the intersection of Sunset and hill.


here is another image taken from further away showing the entrance walkway from the street.

California State Library

apparently the automobiles are parked on hill street, thus making the foreground street to be sunset boulevard.

does anyone have any information on this house?

i happened upon this undated photo, (my guess is 1900 or so). It's called a panorama of Elysian Heights.


it appears to me, that it is taken from on top of fort moore hill looking north west. The house at the intersection which is to the right of the woman standing with the children, appears to be the same house. (it's a tad far to really make out). so if this is the house, i am then further assuming that sunset boulevard is the street that runs at the bottom of the hill, and the intersecting street is north hill street.

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