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Set from RGP

J Blough

I've seen this character around in that area, wonder if it's the same guy lurking the streets...this one looks like he has seen better days.

What the h-Elmo, man? Surly man dressed as 'Sesame Street' character hassles Times Square tourists

'Elmo,' who demanded tips for a photo outside Planet Hollywood, wasn't happy when a Daily News reporter and photographer approached.

The 'Elmo' imposter then attempted to grab our photographer's camera, but failed, only to apologize a few moments later.

BY Matt Lysiak and Leo Standora
August 22nd 2009

Elmo no like tourists, tightwads - or photographers.

At least a rogue version of the lovable "Sesame Street" character hassling passersby outside Planet Hollywood in Times Square Friday night didn't.

The dirty and creepy character demanded money from people and, when he didn't get it, swore and jostled them.

"No picture. No picture. You have to tip Elmo. You have to tip Elmo or Elmo gets angry," the imposter shouted as he stuck a filthy red paw over a Texas tourist's camera lens.

"What the hell, Elmo? Keep your hands to yourself," shouted Victoria Vought, 47, pulling away.

Wide-eyed at the loud to-do, Vought's son, Dylan, 4, asked, "What's wrong with Elmo, Mommy?"

"That's not the real Elmo. That's a bad Elmo," she quickly explained.

The explanation stuck because any kid will tell you the real Elmo, a furry red monster with large white eyes and an orange nose, is very upbeat and giggles a lot. And he's clearly not grungy.

Friday night's cut-rate imitation nearly got his orange nose bloodied by Ken Ross, a 32-year-old insurance agent from New Mexico, after he grabbed at Ross' camera.

"It's just a picture. Don't be rude, and don't touch me," Ross warned, adding, "Somebody should rap you."

The phony's temper finally got the best of him when a Daily News reporter and photographer tried to find out who he was.

He angrily lunged at the photographer but came up empty and then apologized.

"Look man, Elmo needs to make a living, too," he said.
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