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I'm not sure if I can think of anything more depressing than the last electric interurban converting to diesel. The end of American wisdom as far as I'm concerned.

And about those new CSS&SB MU's... If they even try to stick us with those same lame ass cars that Metra just got I'm gonna have a fit. Metra Electric's old IC Highliners at least had some style to them, even more before they painted them all patriotic. Those new cars, besides looking just like the diesel coaches with pantographs, are the epitome of bore. Very little consideration of design went into that purchase. Can you imagine that POS design running under overhead in Europe, Japan or Taiwan? Its a rolling toolbox.

Oh and as long as we are on the subject, if these new SSL cars don't have a splash of orange on them I'm gonna flip. The old livery of orange and burgany looks friggin fantastic and they hardly emphasize it at all. These NICTD folks needs a lesson in brand development. Well, that goes for Metra too. Who designed that fugly logo anyway, the chairman's 11 year old daughter? Metra needs a makeover, and if it was me I'd adopt
C&NW's defunct Green and Yellow scheme in a heartbeat.
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