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^yup - and as I touched on in post #1 - our summer half is by far the most interesting - while we have more costline than Spain and Portugal combined it's little good when the weather is dark and grey and boring as it typically is in the winter here.. so it's a "ying and Yang" situation where we do pay a price for our long wonderful summer days

Plus when nature is so uniform it's always great to travel out and see something different
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Denmark is so beautiful. I was born in the wrong country.
Kind of you to say so mate, but being so small ( disregarding the Faroe Islands and Greenland ) the nature isn't especially diverse and we are typically very envious of nations with mountains and palm trees and all the stuff large nations like the US enjoys.. ( partially why Danes travel so much )

Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Finland all used to be part of Denmark - but there's this dumb ideology here that we don't want to keep people against their will, so they were granted independence..

The Virgin islands we sold to the US - England we lost in Battle and Normandy and other outposts established their own thing and seperated.. not to mention settling Canada was abandoned after a cooling in climate and local fights with natives..

So what could have been one of the world largest nations is today just a tiny spek - but in return were are a tight bunch with a very social minded population and that is our greatest strenght these days with globilization and unstable economies..
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