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They already have 200 miles of track in place and in great condition. To get to Orlando, they would need to build 40 miles of track. I assume they'll probably want the median of the BeachLine, which is what the HSR project Rick Scott killed was going to use. That would give them a straight shot right into OIA, International Drive, Sunrail connectivity and Disney. I imagine, this will kill Amtrak's horribly operated service statewide, assuming the two entities don't end up teaming resources for this system (ex. like California's Amtrak corridor operations).

FECI also can count on the backing of U.S. John Mica, R-Winter Park, chairman of the House transportation committee.

"This is the type of private sector initiative that has my strong support," Mica said in a statement. "Hopefully this project will be a national model to demonstrate the efficiencies of private sector transportation projects that do not put the taxpayers at risk."

Barney said FECI has not reached out to Disney or most public officials. The announcement, she said, was a way to let people of their intentions. "Today really begins our conversation," she said.

Probably the biggest potential hurdle to the train is finances. Few mass transit systems are privately run because they are so expensive to start and operate. Government often underwrites them instead.

But Barney said FECI should be able to overcome the expense because its rail company already owns 200 miles of what would be a 240-mile route from Miami to Orlando. It also owns trains, but they haul freight, not passengers.
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