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Hoi An, Vietnam

hoi an is a former river port in central vietnam. it was largely spared by both sides during the war, thus the centre of the town is good place to see older vietnamese architecture

"long live the socialist republic of viet nam!"

the japanese covered bridge

an art gallery

the sign says: chicken-rice in the courtyard. you are respectfully invited.

entering the market...

abelard steals another soul

the old quarter

"celebrating the 118th anniversary of chairman ho chi minh's birthday"

or something like that...

my balcony

night falls on hoi an

i decided to walk along this canal to the beach. it took me about 45 minutes, in about 45 degree heat. i am a moron.

a graveyard in the distance

the south china sea

back in town...

waiting for the bus...

the surrounding countryside...

chilies drying in the sun...

cows of my travels...

fishing nets

motorcycle ferry

arriving back in town by boat...

wandering through the back streets...

uncle ho says: "nothing is more cherished than independence and freedom"

the second most people i saw on a single motorcycle

every city in vietnam is rigged with speakers. usually they are used to play rousing patriotic songs at 6 am, which everybody hates. when i took this though, they were playing 'moonlight sonata'...

thanks for checking out my photos!
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