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I'm particularly fond of Bariloche, Argentina it's a city I knew nothing about until I googled it to see if my guess that it was on Teria Del Fuego was correct. It was not I guess I would say it's in the Northern Patagonian Andes. Great find reminds me of a Argentine Geneva.

I was intrigued and ended up doing some browsing which oddly enough (or maybe not) lead me back closer to home to the riveara of the Great Lakes in N.W. Lower Michigan i.e. the greater Traverse City area. It's a place i've never found anything worth posting until this time that is.

Traverse City is the largest metropolitan area in the Northern Michigan by far with ~145,000 season-round residents or half of the entire permanent population of N.W. Lower Peninsula. During the peak season June - September the area houses an additional 90,000 part time and transient residents (visitors staying for at least a night) with the lions share 30-40% staying in the TC area.

Photo by - Jerry Stutzman; The Wooden Gallery

Photo by - Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

Photo by - Kathy Jones; Kathleen Ann Jones Photography

Photo by - Joey B Lax-Salinas; Aerial Traverse City Photos

The N.W. Coast of Michigan could be called the Rivera of the Great Lakes for many reasons not the least of which being the crystal clear aquamarine-blue hughe of the waters and the fact that many of the upper crust in Detroit and Chicago have a second home in the area which is reflected in the area being well represented on the list of the richest zips in the state. Traverse City is also known for its good quality of life in 2016 it was named the best small city in the country by and had been in the top ten the previous 4 years in a row. Immediately adjacent to TC are some of the most beautiful areas in the country USA Today recently named Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore the most beautiful place in America. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore lies just to the west of TC on Lake Michigan and was voted one of the top 21 beaches in the world by national geographic in 2017. The scenery doesn't end there in between lies an area of rolling forested hills interspersed with vineyards and dotted with crystal clear inland lakes to the east sits Torch Lake popular with the rich and famous for its crystal clear waters which have distinctly Caribbean aquamarine hue due to the same geologic and ecological conditions as the real deal.

I fell in love with the area when I was a kid its warm sandy bays, towering dunes, old growth forests inspired me just like they have many others since before Hemingway first made the area famous. Throughout his early works, Hemingway used Horton Bay, Petoskey and Charlevoix for the setting of many of his early works including: "Up in Michigan", "The Three-Day Blow", his Nick Adams stories, and "The End of Something."

Here's a few bonus shots i'm gonna throw in the first is the historic resort town of Charlevoix I have a couple of Petoskey which are on the coast north of Traverse City. I have a couple scenic shots of the Glen Arbor - Sleeping Bear Dunes area to round things out.

Photo by - US Army Corps of Engineers

Photo by - Michigan Municipal League

Harbor Springs; in the process of looking for a good pic of this town I started reading the rest of the page I was on to see if there was a better one but it was the only pic of the actual city. Apparently someone had done some research on the shooting of Riverdale and while 99% of the show was shot in B.C. they needed a particular scene of the town that would have a white church. Long story short there was nothing they could find anywhere close that fit so they finally decided on Harbor Springs .. go figure.

Photo by - Charles Dawley

Petoskey; Bay Harbor Village, a luxury resort for the rich and famous. I knew that the 1% of the Great Lakes Region call this part of Michigan home during the summer but apparently word has gotten around from some of the big name celebs that have a home in the area like Dave Matthews, Bob Seger, Don Shula and Madonna. Here's an a couple excerpts from InsideHook -

Word is getting out, and you can tell because it’s no longer just a Midwestern demographic mixing up here. We’re seeing more residents coming in from the U.K., Germany and elsewhere. Bay Harbor played a big part in casting a wider net.

Bay Harbor is a high-end resort and private community filling a five-mile-long coastline stretch on Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay. Situated just west of Petoskey, Bay Harbor opened 20 years ago and is still under development. When finished, it will include 32 separate neighborhoods fueled by its own elite shops, restaurants and services.


If you think about it, we have so many advantages over the traditional spots the wealthy prefer. We have hard winters, but no hurricanes or fires. We’re natural disaster proof, and we respect each other’s privacy. I think celebs and the like realize they can establish a home here and do nothing, if they want. They can stay in their homes on the water or wander off into the woods, and it’s OK.

Photo by - InsideHook

Photo by -

Downtown Petoskey

Photo by - Alex Childless

Photo by - Alex Childless

Rapid City & Torch Lake

Photo by - Justinmeeder

The Sandbar

Photo by - Forbes

Almost look they're floating on air..

Photo by - Ryan Ziolko

Now we get into the Sleeping Bear Dunes area. This is the chic little town of Glen Arbor and its iconic Narrows Bridge.

Photo by - gsticks

Photo by - northern.michigan.from.above

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - The Empire Bluffs

One summer when I was a kid I decided I wanted to go swimming after hiking to the overlook I made it about halfway down looked back up and realized it would take all day to climb back up for a quick dip in the lake before we drove home and thought better of it. Fortunately I checked myself at the right place there were some old tree roots sticking out here and there which made trudge back up bearable. You can see the slide marks where all the poor souls like my young foolish self thought it won't be that bad come sliding or crashing down 400 feet on what I gotta guess is a 60 - 70% grade.

Photo by - Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitors Bureau

Well that turned out to be a bit longer that I had intended I came across a bunch of shots that I had never seen and interesting information I was unaware of 'n before I knew it I was deleting tagged pics cuz this is wayy to long as it is.
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