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Originally Posted by KevinW View Post
So for the last month, I've been working at a company in the Helms Bakery building. I've always loved this place. I put these two pictures on my computer desktop:

Alan Weeks Collection

C. Younkers

They've done a beautiful job renovating this place:


with one exception. Here is a picture of the Helms H. It's on every sign in the place:


Now here is a picture of one of the fifty concrete trashcans in the complex:

Notice anything unusual? How about the fact that they're upside down? They spend all that money on the renovation, go to the expense of creating Helms H trash receptacles, and then install them upside down. Ah, L.A.
that would bug me if i worked there lol....maybe the cyliders are upside down.They had an antique alley there about 15 yrs ago,and near the entrance was a old restored helms truck,they would let you toot the whistle,and had fake bread and donuts in it,it was a great touch.the stuff in the store was great also,we got my head and footboard there super cheap,they also had a ton of old radio consoles,i was pretty sad when they closed along with the one at farmers market.

and isnt that a nice little pe station in the alan weeks photo.
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