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OK, Noir Sleuths:

The Los Angeles Mormon Temple, located in WLA on Santa Monica Blvd at Overland Avenue. It's been there since the late 1950's, and is on a sizable chunk of land, considering the area was developed thirty years prior as residential.

What was on this land prior to the 1950's temple? Was there an earlier Mormon temple? A school? Something else? Just open land?
I know what’s UNDER it. A big earthquake fault.


The cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica in the last decade have approved more than a dozen construction projects [orange circles on the map] on or near two well-known faults without requiring seismic studies to determine if the buildings could be destroyed in an earthquake, according to a Times analysis. Los Angeles building records show that when officials approved projects, they used outdated information that placed the Santa Monica and Hollywood faults much farther away from the developments. The structures include a 49-unit apartment complex on the Westside and a three-story office building near the Mormon Temple, whose landmark hill was formed by the Santa Monica fault.
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