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Originally Posted by Chuckaluck View Post
1928 - Spanish Clown, Pepito and Charlie unknown in front of Grauman's. Much more here:

A word about Pepito…he was a friend of Desi Arnaz (Desi called him a “fishing buddy” in the I Love Lucy book) and Desi hired him to teach Lucy and himself some vaudeville routines that were for a road tour Lucy & Desi did in 1950 to see if audiences would respond to them and if a TV program might be feasible. The result was the pilot for I Love Lucy in which Pepito appeared.

During the run of the series, when episode #52 was being edited it came up three minutes short. Since the plot involved the nightclub, Desi asked Pepito to do three minutes of material to be added to the episode.

For a few decades, the original pilot of I Love Lucy was thought to have been lost. Desi had given Pepito a copy of the pilot which, it is said, he had put under his bed and forgot about. Of course, it has since been discovered and aired once as a special in the 90’s on CBS and is on the I Love Lucy dvd set.
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