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Originally Posted by Flyingwedge View Post
Fremont Hotel interiors:

Fremont in California @ HathiTrust --;seq=34

Fremont in California @ HathiTrust --;seq=32
Simply...amazing. Can't believe I've never seen these interiors before.

Speaking of the Fremont, here's a snippet from an aerial -- one always wonders "how in the name of all that's holy could anyone have torn down the grandeur and wonder of the Rose Mansion?"

Especially given as it had what was arguably the unparalleled view from the Hill toward town -- until the damn Fremont plopped right down in front of it. Imagine all those characters in their rooms (the cheap ones, at the back yet) peering into your mansion. I'd tear it down too, dammitall!

(rare shot of the date palm in the back patio... )

Said snippet from this aerial on USC. Don't know if it's been up here on Noirish yet.

USC is calling it ca. 1925 which seems about right. Doesn't look like they've broken ground for the Subway Terminal Bldg (May of '24) yet, but the Mutual is up, which was '23. There's a lot to like in this one.
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