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Originally Posted by CityBoyDoug View Post

Daily Breeze

Never been to that restaurant [but I did visit Marineland one time]. Photos of the interior seem to say they featured large groups of people. You can see the place in the photo the upper right.
LA has a long history of nature attractions. Remember the alligators, lions, monkeys, ostriches, deers, wild African animals....oy vey.
i think i posted the picture below a few years ago. Its my aunts and dad at either Marineland or Long Beach, its dated 1957(the hills in the background look like PV). I tried looking for the building in the background and a fish tank but no luck. At this time my grandparents were divorced, and my grandfather was a doctor, so he didn't really take the kids out of the area for the weekends he had them. The best part about this pic, Dad was a singer and got to do a Marineworld national commercial in the mid 80's and yours truly got to go to Marineworld (I dont know when they changed from land to world) around 85/86 and got his caricature drawn. (Bobby Sheen Marineworld Commercial)
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