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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
My family visited Marineland back in the early 1970s. (after much begging, my father took me up in the revolving tower even though the fog was thick as pea soup) We didn't see a thing..but I loved it anyway.

Anyhoo...The eBay slide, shown below, shows a rather impressive Marineland Restaurant. [c.1963]


I had no idea there was a Marineland Restaurant. (of course there's the possibility it was shrouded in fog the day I was there)

Does anyone who visited Marineland remember eating at this restaurant?

Impressive looking place. Maybe it was located some distance from the park's main attractions ...say, off to one side.


Daily Breeze

Never been to that restaurant [but I did visit Marineland one time]. Photos of the interior seem to say they featured large groups of people. You can see the place in the photo the upper right.
LA has a long history of nature attractions. Remember the alligators, lions, monkeys, ostriches, deers, wild African animals....oy vey.

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