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The SF Business Times last week ran an Op-Ed piece that I can't find online but it described a "gift" PG&E could make to San Francisco as it leaves town.

They could make the charitable donation of "a 25-foot wide strip of underground space in a basement of its two headquarters buildings linking Market and Mission Streets." According to the author, this would "creatively solve a decades-long downtown transportation conundrum": "Since at least 2003 the TJPA has planned to link its new Salesforce Transit Center with the Embarcadero BART/Muni Station with a 25 ft wide 850 ft long pedestrian underpass one level below Beale St, abuttin a basement of PG&E's soon to be vacated buildings."

In other words, rather than dig a new tunnel "adjacent to" the basements, use existing basement space and avoid the digging . . . plus PG&E could get a charitable donation tax credit. Sounds like a great idea to me--hope it happens.
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