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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I've always loved Neutra's Sternberg house.
It's a bit odd for a Neutra house with it's moat and curving metal (aluminum?) wall.

Years ago I had lunch in a Neutra house in the Hollywood Hills.
Ever since, I've been trying to figure out which one it was.
GaylordWilshire, do you happen to know how many Neutra houses there are in the Hollywood Hills?
ethereal-- There are about five or six Neutras still in what I'd call the Hills--the Ward, Scheyer, two Kun houses, the Mosk, the Bonnett are in what I'd call the Hills, I think. Frankly, I've always been a little hazy as to how far south the Hollywood Hills extend, since I've heard people refer to houses in the Hills that I would have said were in Los Feliz. There are Neutras among the hills of Silver Lake, including the architect's own. But anyway-- various districts of L.A. can overlap, I guess. There is of course what is the most famous of all, the Lovell--with a sort-of-maybe-round-about noir connection in that it was Pierce Patchett's house in L.A. Confidential. But for a definitive list of Neutra houses, this is the best website I know of. Lots of pictures, which might jog your memory:

Here's another von Sternberg house pic, from that site (is that A. Rand herself on the patio, to the right?). (Btw, yes, I think the walls were made of aluminum.):


I've always loved that Neutra specified that a couple of the lights in the Lovell house be the rim and lenses of Model T Ford headlamps. Was he giving a nod to a city on wheels? Here's one:
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