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Originally Posted by coyotetrickster
Several folks in the SSP transbay tower design comp (not sanctioned ) also suggested that design approach. However, as the lead project manager for the competition has pointed out in various press releases, the design and the engineering will go hand in hand (more so than usual) to produce the tower. I would definitely not respond well to a international orange tower plonked down in the skyline. The color of the Gate works because of the intensity of the natural shoreline, sea and headlands... On a building it would look like a massive safety cone.
Well I was suggesting just the form..something with a twist on the gothic- like feel of the towers-and accentuating setbacks so it would not be just a box..and with the vermillion(international orange) or blue being accent colors only-not the main or primary color of the building. a minimalist use of those colors so they would not be overwhelming. It would have to be done with style and class and grace-something that a landmark building for San Francisco should have of course.

I just see that taking ideas from the Golden Gate Bridge might not be a bad idea. Just plopping down an enormous International Orange box would of course be horrendous!

I would like to see San Francisco(my favorite city) do something so spectacular that it would open on a gust of superlatives, just like the Golden Gate Bridge did(longest span, highest bridge towers, etc.)
Even something like this idea from Reminiscence (see below)where you could use the vermillion instead of the yellow..or even have the primary color a more neutral color and use the blue and vermillion in bordering or like in the areas that are yellow in this building idea.
Just enough so it would cause one to think, 'I know those colors from somewhere?" and then the realization could set in.

Also I wonder how they are addressing the use of large amounts of glass in buildings going up in SF considering the seismic risk.
Are there limiting factors because of the seismic risk, and if so, what are they?
( I have read many of the posts in this thread but not all so if I missed this discussed already you all have my apologies.)

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