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Originally Posted by toddguy
I love San Francisco, and I am not an architect, but I would love to see at least one tower that would get it's inspiration from the towers of (what I consider)the icon of San Francisco and the Bay area itself: The Golden Gate Bridge. Something that could update the elegant sort of gothic look of the bridge towers and maybe emphasize more their slight setbacks(the setbacks thus avoiding too much of a 'box' look). Maybe something that could incorporate the blue of the bay and sky and the vermilion of the bridge itself-maybe not the primary color of the building but maybe in some minimal yet noticeable way. lol as I said I am no architect but I think a landmark building in the area might want to draw from something in the area or it's history. Crazy idea?

Several folks in the SSP transbay tower design comp (not sanctioned ) also suggested that design approach. However, as the lead project manager for the competition has pointed out in various press releases, the design and the engineering will go hand in hand (more so than usual) to produce the tower. I would definitely not respond well to a international orange tower plonked down in the skyline. The color of the Gate works because of the intensity of the natural shoreline, sea and headlands... On a building it would look like a massive safety cone.
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