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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
here's a photo I took today of a city mileage sign in South Pasadena. As you can see, it was created by the Auto Club of Southern California. I'm wondering how old the sign is, and when, if ever, it'll be replaced. I hope it doesn't get replaced...

Wow. Nice!!! The sign could be as much as 70+ years old, though it's more likely from sometime in the 1940s. That's still pretty darned old!

I'm really surprised to see this sign is still in use. Someone in the road department in South Pasadena is probably sentimental about it and that's why it's still up there!

On my recent trip to L.A., I saw one overpass sign on the Pasadena Freeway that was still one of the So. Cal. Auto Club porcelain steel signs. I would bet there are less than 100 of those type signs still in use in the southland today. I'd even go so far as to say less than 50...

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