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Here's another storefront from long ago, Albert's Sunset Cafe (no address).

I was intrigued by the Sparkeeta Root Beer and Cheri-Keeta signs. I had never heard of these products.

usc digital archive

I did a little research and found that the Sparklett Water Company was started in Los Angeles in August of 1925,
with a one room factory and one truck. They used a water supply on their company's property.
By 1928 they had 52 trucks.

In 1936 they introduced Sparkeeta and Club Soda, a lithiated product made
from Sparkletts table water.

In 1939 they introduced UP (lemon-lime) Cheri-Keeta Cola and Sparkeeta Root Beer.

Below: In this photo of 3rd and Hill Street you can see a Sparkeeta Ad
painted on the side of a building.

usc digital archive I'm thirsty.

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