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Originally Posted by PHX31 View Post
After talking to her, I was wrong, she was born and lived for her first few years in my great-grandmother's house in Highland Park. From the time she was 5 until about 11 years old she lived in Alhambra... she said the Garfield Theatre was the place they'd go for movies (although they didn't go very often back then.) Back then they were double features... actually, she said the two movies just ran basically on a loop, and you would get there in the middle of a feature and then you could stay as long as you want. They'd get to the Garfield Theatre and sneak into the loge section as kids and watch both movies (sometimes more than once)... this was in the 1950's. She then lived in La Habra and eventually married my Dad. They moved out of California to Arizona in 1975 a few years before I was born.
That is so cool that your mother saw movies at the Garfield! Did you tell her that unfortunately it's now a strip mall?

Actually, I learned some years ago that that was how movies were shown, at least in the US, anyway. Movies were shown in a loop, there were no set times of when you could enter the theater. It was common for people to come in in the middle of the movie. That's how the phrase "this is where I came in" got started. I learned this after seeing a documentary on the making of "Psycho." Alfred Hitchcock didn't want the twist ending to be spoiled, so he made it so that theaters showing "Psycho" had to have definite starting times, and to not let people into the theater once the movie started. So that actually changed the way people saw movies, from then on there was a definite schedule of starting times for movies.
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