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Jefferson Park & West Adams Heights

(The library labels this pic as "Butterfly Queen"...)

(Hattie later divorced Mr. Crawford, who was in real estate; she also divorced her next husband, a Mr. Williams, who was an interior decorator...and left him exactly one cent in her will.)

The 1939 Los Angeles phone book reveals that Miss Butterfly McQueen (she is listed as "Miss Butterfly McQueen") and a Harriet McDaniel (you know her as Hattie) lived next door to one another on West 31st Street in Jefferson Park at the time of Gone With the Wind (nos. 2181 and 2177, respectively, although Wikipedia puts Hattie at 2173). I can find no other references to their neighborliness on the web, but the listed houses still stand (Butterfly's pink Craftsman was obviously there in 1939, and I'm assuming that Hattie's Mediterranean cottage was built before then too):,,0,7.04

I can't find any early shots of these houses, though I've posted here previously an early one of Hattie's later house at 2203 S. Harvard in West Adams Heights (the purchase of which cemented Hattie's reputation as a shrewd and unstoppable civil rights trailblazer), built in 1911. Here's a "now" shot of that one:


While the following then-and-now shots are not of the McDaniel house, they are of one just around the corner at 2241 S. Hobart, the 1910 Johnson house. (The owner was one of the founders of the Grand Central Market.) The link to the slide show is a must-click--it gives a fantastic view into upper-middle-class life in Edwardian Los Angeles.

West Adams Heritage

West Adams Heritage

And don't miss this link:
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