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Silver Lake Auto Rest Then and Now

there is a person on flickr by the name of Kansas Sebastian, who has posted some very nice images of Silver Lake, (as well as some other areas.

he actually posted a then and now shot of the Silver Lake Auto Rest

Flicker / Kansas Sebastian Silver Lake Set

his commentary on the photo is as follows;

View of Silver Lake Heights Tract, looking East from the neighboring hill, toward Mount Washington.
ca late 1920's and 2010

The Ralph's market faces Glendale Blvd on the site of the old Silver Lake Auto Rest. India Street begins behind the Ralph's at Silver Lake Boulevard. Silver Lake Ridge crosses India st, just near the crest. Electric and McCreedy Streets wrap around the hill on the right.

Dating this picture is especially difficult. The house at the Southwest corner of Silver Ridge and India, 2545 Silver Ridge, was built in 1921, and does not appear in the picture. The house built in 1924, at 2224 India St, the Southeast corner, does appear in the picture. Our house on the Northeast corner was built in 1937 so obviously doesn't appear in the picture. Other houses in both photos were built in 1926. Either the County Tax Assessor's office is incorrect or the house at 2545 Silver Ridge was moved to it's present location. One final clue, the sidewalks on India St were layed in 1927, probably at the same time the street was paved.

The upper photo most-likely dates to the late 1920's -- probably 1927 when the street and sidewalks were new. Although, if anyone can date the cars, that would be fantastic!

here is the link to this photo on his flickr page -
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