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Zoning for the western half of the yards...

As required in the proposed zoning, building massing and heights would gradually decrease from Eleventh Avenue and West 33rd Street to Twelfth Avenue and West 30th Street. The tallest building on the site would be the commercial building in the northeast corner. Taller residential buildings are proposed generally in the eastern and northern portions of the Development Site, and shorter residential buildings in the southwest quadrant of the Development Site (see Figure S-9). Building heights would generally range from approximately 40 to 70 stories, or 350 to 950 feet. WC-1 would be the tallest, at 850 to 950 feet, WR-6 would be between 650 and 810 feet, and WR-7 would be between 550 and 710 feet.

South of the commercial building on Eleventh Avenue, WR-1 would be approximately 700 to 800 feet high. To its west WR-5 would be shorter at approximately 500 to 700 feet. Along West 30th Street, buildings would also decrease in height from Eleventh Avenue to Twelfth Avenue. The tallest building at the southern portion of the Development Site would be located at
Eleventh Avenue, at approximately 650 to 810 feet (WR-2). Directly west of this mixed-use building would be an approximately 550 to 710-foot-tall mixed-use building (WR-3). The shortest building on the site would be at the southwest corner of the site, at a maximum height of 450 feet (WR-4).
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