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Only three of these building's haven't started construction yet, and those three are supposed to break ground in a few months. They are: W Austin Hotel & Residences, 21C Austin, Four Seasons Residences. Two other buildings have started construction, but were photoshopped in here, Altavida, and The Austonian (tallest). There's also another building that is under construction to the far right that isn't high enough to be seen here just yet. It'll be taller than that 2nd building to the right. There's also another 400 footer to the far left which has started construction, but it would be just outside of the frame of this shot and hasn't gotten "up" yet. The tall building to the left with the crane is our current new tallest. It'll be the tallest for about a year and a half until The Austonian tops out.

Original photo by OfCourse - Photoshopped by priller
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