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Update on the "ghost building"

Here is another one of my few and far between posts on this vast thread of knowledge...
Awhile back, I posted some pictures of the abandoned section of the Alexandria hotel (shown here again for reference). I read an article in the downtown news that someone has bought it and plans on turning it into lofts...
Now many buildings down here have been converted to lofts, and have had their historic features redone and made to look all nice again, and you may be wondering why this is such a big deal when its already been done.

Its is a big deal.

An 8 floor building.

No stairs.

No elevator.

Sealed off from the world for 78 years.

I cant wait to hear about all of the little bits of stuff that they find inside, even though I highly doubt that it will be much of any value to the average person, to us lot on the other hand, we may find it absolutely fascinating.

"Constructed as an annex to the Alexandria Hotel in 1910, it earned its moniker not because it’s haunted, but because most people don’t realize the building even exists. It has been shuttered since 1934 not because business is bad, but because the edifice has no stairs or elevators."

Photos by me.
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