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Originally Posted by Maldive View Post
When I saw muddy water I thought Mississippi River.. then realized the Miss is often a mile wide and no where near texas. Am geography challenged but the delta couldn't reach here lol. Misses Texas by hundreds of miles. Duh.

But the name of the blues icon (born Mississippi, fame in Chicago begins to play in my ear ;-)

So why is it muddy?
That isn't a river. It's one of a large number of bayous that run through the city (and cause a lot of flooding). Bayous, by their nature, are somewhat muddy, but when they look like that, it means it has recently rained a lot (which in Houston is much of the time). Very close to where the pic was taken, the bayou has been turned into the Ship Channel, along which is the port, one of the largest ports in the country. The Ship Channel then runs into Galveston Bay, and then the next body of water is the Gulf of Mexico.
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