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Never said LA didn't have more than 5. Honestly, I don't care for it since it's on TV all the time. I see enough of it. Plus I had to study it for a semester, absolute hell IMO. Greenspoint isn't a DT, it's an employment center with major companies and clustered together. LA isn't Houston and vice versa. Our standards will not and should not equal yours. Apples and oranges. What constitutes as such may not qualify in LA and again vice versa.

The article talks about how certain developments are accepted without much of a second thought (minus the Ashby of course). Just read it from a Houston perspective and try not to get critical of it. Accept it as an education opinion rather than direct fact. The author wrote it with the city's culture and urban landscape in mind and made his own connections. He's not entirely correct. He's not entirely wrong. Brickell is right, Houston is an interesting case study, but I feel the author chose Houston because of its reputation for occurrences such as the ones under discussion.