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Originally Posted by LA21st View Post
Lol. Ive been to greenspoint. Its less impressive than century blvd/lax corridor, el sequndo burbank etc etc. Greenspoint isnt a freaking downtown. Its a basic suburban office park. Orange county has areas like that everywhere.
^^^ You have a point with Century City, bravo. But, El Segundo is a seperate city. So is Burbank. Obviously you can't have multiple downtowns, but if you were to use context clues you would've understood inSaeculaSaeculorum meant. This isn't a "who has a more impressive D*#k" contest.

Originally Posted by LA21st View Post
The energy corridor and the woodlands sre office parks. Not downtown districts. Galvenston?
^^^The Woodlands is a separate city with their own codes. Yes, it's a Downtown. Revert back to the Energy Corridor PDF. Office Park? No, no, no, no.