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The Upper Peninsula's hidden treasure the Huron Mountains. There is public access for those in the know to the western side of Ives Mountain though a twisting maze of sandy logging roads. Weather permitting it does seem to be possible to drive within perhaps less than a mile of Mt Ives according to local enthusiasts that being the case the chances of getting lost on an unmarked logging road is quite high.

However for anyone adventurous enough to take up the challenge its about a 6 mile hike from the last "real road" and keep in mind to stay on logging company owned land there are private guards employed at the Huron Mountain Club they can apparently be dicks. On the flip side camping is permitted anywhere on non HMC land so as long as you have a good map and compass then no worries.

The area has been preserved largely due to the influence of the highly exclusive Huron Mountain Club (HMC), which owns a large tract of land in the mountains, including a portion of the Salmon Trout River. The club commissioned noted naturalist Aldo Leopold to create a preservation plan for the area. However, the private club also restricts access to its property, which is unfortunate for white water rafting enthusiasts since the Salmon Trout is rumored to be one of the best rafting rivers in Michigan. The exclusive club even put Henry Ford on a waiting list. Reportedly, in order to gain favor with the club, Ford blocked the construction of a planned extension of highway M-35 through the mountains. After gaining membership, Ford commissioned noted architect Albert Kahn in 1929 to build a $100,000 cabin for his use.

The Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation sponsors natural science research in the region, including the HMC lands.

In the late 1950s, the Huron Mountains were a candidate for becoming a national park. However, the HMC was influential in undermining the proposal.

Jason McCarthy - UP Waterfront

Mt Ives and Ives Lake

Jason McCarthy - UP Waterfront

Ives Lake from Ives Hill (outside HMC)

UP Waterfront

The "main range" of the Huron

Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation
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